How to keep pond water clean

It is one of the main concerns of those who have a small aquatic ecosystem. How to keep the water in a pond clean is essential, and not just for aesthetic reasons. The life it houses depends entirely on its correct balance. We are not just talking about animal life. We also refer to plants that require conditioned water in order to live and develop.

Keeping the water in a pond clean is synonymous with health. A requirement that concerns the 12 months of the year, and not only the seasons of good weather. It is clear that the heat triggers its biological level and its care. But having the water in perfect condition is a task that must also be monitored in the cold months. Only in this way will we be able to keep the water in a pond clean both when we enjoy its beauty and in the months when the garden is less used.

So let’s see what care the pond requires to always have water in perfect condition. Some tasks that do not involve a lot of time or a lot of work, and that will be key to the life it houses.


When we consider how to make a pond for the garden, we always think of the sunny months. Something that is a mistake, since neglecting it for the rest of the year can have serious consequences. If we are not rigorous with the maintenance of the pond in winter, it is likely that with the arrival of spring we will have to start it from scratch. Something unpleasant, especially for the plants or fish that inhabit it.

But let’s not go that far. Let’s think about how to avoid reaching that moment. And that, beyond the tasks of winter, involves knowing how to keep the water in a pond clean. A task that does not understand times of the year, and that is vital for your well-being.

And since prevention is better than cure, let’s see what tasks we have to put into practice on a regular basis to keep our water in perfect balance.

1. Check the pump, essential to keep the water in a pond clean

We tend to believe that having a pump is a guarantee of clean water. But make no mistake. The filter and the pond pumps are still devices that, for different reasons, can stop working properly. And the range of reasons is wide. From not having collected the leaves that fall in the water to an upstart stone that stops its operation. As much as these systems give us confidence, it is essential to be aware of them.

Having the right pump is essential to keep the water in a pond clean. Discover our selection of filters and pumps for ponds here

It is important to understand the role that the pump plays in keeping the water in a pond clean. It is thanks, the surface water moves. A movement that facilitates oxygenation and, simultaneously, prevents the proliferation of substances on the surface.

To guarantee its use, the ideal is to carry out a weekly cleaning of its components. Sometimes it is enough to remove the filter to wash it thoroughly and replace it. Be very careful: nothing to use soaps. The ideal is to wash it with pressurized water, or with the power that our hose can offer us. The use of any chemical can alter the pH of our pond.

2. Control the water values

An aspect that any aquarium lover knows thoroughly, and that usually goes unnoticed in the pond water. As its name indicates, a pond is still stagnant water. Making it contain life does not only happen by avoiding rot. It also obliges, in case of having fish or plants, to maintain certain levels in the water.

Products like this, which remove harmful substances, are ideal for maintaining the pH of the pond. Know its characteristics

Keeping the water in a pond clean inevitably involves maintaining its pH. Something that we can measure on a regular basis, and that is easily alterable. Rainwater, without going any further, can change its parameters, which is why it is a task to be carried out on a regular basis. And, in case of detecting any alteration, solve it with treatments for ponds.

3. Choose oxygenating plants, key to keeping the pond water clean

Plants are true allies to have water in perfect balance. A compelling reason to include oxygenating pond plants in our pond. The role of these plants is essential. They have the ability to absorb decomposing minerals. A unique and natural aid! to keep the pond water clean.

If you have considered how to plant pond plants, surely the water lily has inevitably come to mind. Let yourself be carried away by your instinct: it is one of the most beautiful oxygenating plants that exist. And, although your choice is for aesthetic reasons, its value for the balance of the water is unique.

4. Keep algae at bay

One of the greatest indicators of a pond’s health. Algae are one of the biggest enemies to keep the water in a pond clean. They make their appearance mainly in the hot months, when we have neglected our small ecosystem for too long or they respond to a bad location of our pond. Hence, it is essential that we always install it in the shade.

Using a conditioner like this is perfect for curbing pond algae. Discover its uses

Far from postponing eliminating them, it is essential to stop them from the beginning. Only in this way will we prevent them from colonizing the water, complicating the existence of the fish and plants that inhabit it. And stopping them happens, inevitably, by using an anti-algae for ponds.

5. Feed the fish the right amount

Just as important as knowing how to choose pond fish correctly is to feed them without excesses. And not just because this has a negative impact on your health, which it does. Also because that food that they do not eat can be harmful to the balance of our water. It’s just rotting garbage.

Which of these guidelines do you follow to keep your pond water clean? Tell us!

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