The 5 best plants to give at Christmas

One of the biggest headaches of these dates is choosing the perfect gift. That detail that symbolizes in a material way the affection, the illusion and how special someone is for us. A gesture that involves trying to be more original every year, or looking for that something that we know is a safe bet for the recipient of our present.

For those who are looking for different ideas or have a nature lover on their list of people, why not opt ​​for plants to give as Christmas gifts? A way to stand out from traditional gifts but also the best way to make a gift that lasts over time.

And it is that the benefits of having plants are varied and, added, the plants to give at Christmas can be precisely the perfect present both for those who are already gardening lovers and for those who discover this world so grateful.

So if you are considering including plants to give away for Christmas on your list, we want to propose five perfect plants for you to make these holidays unforgettable in the best way: surprising.


It is clear that when we consider plants to give away we cannot do it in a general way. And it is that many aspects must be taken into account, whether the person to whom we give the plant is handy with gardening or if he has certain tastes or needs.

For this reason, we propose five plants to give for Christmas that seek to cover different recipient profiles so that our gift is not a headache for them but, rather, a pleasure.

1. Flower Ripsalis

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Also called Christmas cactus. A nickname that comes to it, fundamentally, because in Europe it is now when this plant feels comfortable to give us its precious flowering. One in shades of fuchsia, white, orange or red that surprises on its network of hanging green leaves devoid of spikes.

Like other succulents, Ripsalis are perfect even for the short-handed as they are undemanding when it comes to care. They will only ask us for a warm and bright environment with some humidity, regular watering when the substrate has dried and good drainage.

2. Bonsai

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And it is that they are a safe bet for gardening lovers but also for those who want to get started in this incredible ancient art. Although there are many prejudices that exist around bonsai, let’s start by breaking the first of them: no, they are not complicated to grow. They will only require good lighting, regular watering and a subscriber from time to time.

Beyond the particularities of each one, it must be clear that, as good trees that they are, they do not necessarily have to be indoors, but even prefer to be outside. If what we want is for it to be inside the house, the ideal is to opt for a tree of tropical origin that will appreciate the temperature of our home.

3. Pilea Peperomioides

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One of those perfect Christmas gift plants for those who are up to date on trends. In just a few years, this unique plant with an almost unpronounceable name has become a real must for interior designers, designers and fashion professionals. And it is that, in addition to its profusion of green branches, the arrangement of its leaves creates a light and elegant set that lends itself to being part of any environment.

Also called Swedish ivy, since it is common to find it in its natural state in this Nordic country. Small in size, the ideal for its cultivation is to have it in spaces away from direct light and constantly maintain a good degree of humidity in its substrate. And, for it to grow more vigorously, nothing like a little cold. It cannot be any other way coming from the country it comes from.

4. Cambria Orchid

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If the recipient of our gift is an orchid lover, it is difficult to choose plants to give for Christmas among this immense botanical family. For this reason and to get out of the ordinary, the Cambria orchid is a perfect choice. A genius of beauty that, moreover, is the result of multiple grafts that have given rise to a plant with a more than striking flowering.

Perhaps because it is a hybrid, the Cambria does not require high light but a regular fertilizer. Of course: like the rest of plant congeners, there is an aspect that is absolutely key to your well-being. We are talking about the irrigation of orchids, one that we have to control to avoid excess; although this plant appreciates environmental humidity even more than that.

5. Vriesia

If you want to enjoy the Vriesia, an incredible tropical flower, learn about its characteristics here.

Belonging to the Bromeliad family, having this plant at home is the equivalent of enjoying the exoticism of the Venezuelan forests in Europe. With an incredible flowering and an intense color, we cannot ignore it in our list of plants to give for Christmas if we want to put a tropical point.

The greatest need that the Vriesia has to give us that incredible beauty of itss is the luminosity, which will have to be very high for it to flourish. It is not demanding regarding irrigation, which will only be necessary when the substrate is dry on the surface, but it is in the way of applying it.

Do you have plants to give away on your Christmas list? Tell us which ones you prefer!

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