Peppermint pests and how to fight them

It is one of the most popular aromatic plants, due to its incredible aroma and multiple uses. Although its cultivation is simple, there is an important aspect to know in detail: peppermint pests. Uncomfortable visitors who, if not careful, can ruin our plant. And it is that, in the same way that humans surrender to the charms of peppermint, so do a good number of insects, caterpillars and fungi. A good reason to get to know them in detail and, above all, fight them. Only in this way can we guarantee that our plant continues to grow with well-being.

It is curious because, despite being a rustic plant, peppermint pests are very common. Its star season is from the beginning of spring until the end of summer. A logical period of time, since the increase in temperatures acts as a true alarm clock for nature. Due to its nature, which can be devastating, it is important to eliminate pests from the garden and, in this specific case, from this plant as we detect them.

Despite being a strong plant, the health of mint is seriously compromised by the presence of pests. Not only can it stop its growth or we can watch its leaves spoil. In addition, some of these annoying devourers can kill our plant. So, before it happens, nothing like stopping them.


The aromas and oils of aromatic plants usually work as a real magnet for pests. For this reason and in the specific case of peppermint pests, many times we cannot give culinary plants the use we would like. We refer to making refreshing drinks for the summer or adding its leaves to different recipes. It is clear that using insecticides is incompatible with using the plant for food purposes. But, if we use ecological insecticides and fungicides, we will be able to enjoy their aromas in our dishes.

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Let’s see, then, in detail the pests of peppermint and how they manifest themselves. The best way to know how to identify them and be able to eradicate them.

1. The aphid, one of the most common peppermint pests

It is one of the great enemies of the garden in the hot months, and one of the peppermint pests that should be detected early. Due to their incredible ability to suck the sap from this plant, they can colonize and ruin it in no time.

It can be easily detected by examining its leaves. The aphid is a small insect, which can be green but, above all, manifests itself in a dark color. They colonize the entire plant, so it is easy to detect them. And a trick: if our mint has the presence of ants, there will surely be aphids in it. The former act as allies, protecting it from its biggest predator: the ladybug.

When an aphid pest has advanced through the plant, the leaves appear decayed and without color. A sign that the sap they need does not reach them, and we have to eliminate the presence of these insects.

2. The white fly, another annoying and voracious visitor

Inoffensive in appearance, the whitefly is a real problem for any plant. Its diminutive size contrasts with its incredible ability to devour plant sap. But their danger is not only that they weaken the plant. Added, they generate a molasses that causes the appearance of fungi. A good reason to treat these pests of peppermint in time if we do not want to have to solve two problems instead of one.

They are usually located on the underside of the leaves. Don’t let its small size fool you. If you detect them on the leaves or flying around the plant, it is time to remedy it.

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3. The caterpillars, the great eaters

One of the most intense peppermint pests, even more so than aphids or whiteflies. And it is that, attracted by the perfume of its leaves, butterflies and nocturnal moths usually deposit their eggs in them. When the larvae grow, the maggots find a mouthful of succulents in the mint leaves. And so they let us see: a plant with caterpillars is a plant that has perforated and nibbled leaves. Sometimes and depending on the degree of infection, the leaves are practically transparent, maintaining only the structure of their vegetable veins.

In the case of caterpillars, it is not enough to just apply an ecological insecticide. In addition and on many occasions, the ideal is to subject our mint to a good pruning. The only way our plant will be able to resurface.

4. Rust, a disease that we can see in the list of peppermint pests

It is not one of the peppermint pests caused by an insect, but it is a disease just as serious as if it were. What, really, is rust is a fungus. It manifests itself with yellow spots on the upper part of the leaves, and with small orange bumps on the underside. It usually appears after a very frequent rainy season, humidity in the environment and warm temperatures.

Including this fungus among the peppermint pests is due to a compelling reason. Its ability to colonize the plant is very similar to that of an insect, so it is essential to start treating the plant from the moment we detect it.

Have you ever come across any of the peppermint pests we’ve seen? Tell us!

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