How to make handmade soap at home

Making soap at home can be very simple. In addition to saving money and using a more natural soap, we are recycling used oil. The uses that you can give to this handmade homemade soap are many, such as it can be used for the shower, washing the hair, for the washing machine and washing clothes by hand, for the hands or even for scrubbing the floors.

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Ingredients for making soap

  • Warm water> 700 ml
  • Caustic soda> 265 gr
  • Olive oil > 2 liters


When making artisan soap we must take minimum precautions, such as not using aluminum utensils, opting for those made of wood or resistant plastic. We must make the soap in a place that is well ventilated and put on gloves and glasses .

Put the warm water in a hard plastic or wooden basin and gradually add the soda and stir with a stick or wooden spoon. You will notice that the temperature of the water is rising, it can even reach 90ºC, so be careful in this step. We must move well to ensure that the soda is completely diluted in the water and then we will let it rest to lower the temperature. We will wait about 30 minutes. .

Once the water is at room temperature we are adding the oil slowly and in small quantities while at the same time we are moving the mixture in circles. You will see that little by little the mixture becomes denser and takes on more body. Keep moving until you see that it is difficult to keep turning with the stick and that it has a consistency of custard. If you wanted to add some detail to the soap, such as flowers, essential oil, clay or aloe vera pulp, now would be the time to do so.

Carefully pour the mixture into the molds, if they are made of silicone better because this way it unmolds very easily, we cover them and wrap them well with transparent film and leave it in a dry place out of the reach of children. After 48 hours, the soap has hardened and can be removed from the mold and cut.

The last step is to let the soap «cure» so that the saponification process ends and the soda is completely safe to use. Place the cut soaps on a wire mesh tray and on a piece of paper in a cool place without direct light. Every two days, turn the soaps over so that they dry evenly.

Once we let the soap cure for 4 weeks, this soap is totally suitable for use.



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