How to organize a garden of aromatic plants

Aromatic plants are authentic essentials for gardening lovers. They are not only perfect to round off our dishes or to make use of nature in our remedies. In addition to this and thanks to their characteristic perfumes, they are ideal for making our garden a space that awakens sensations. A compelling reason to consider creating a scented space that seduces our most amazing sense: smell.

Creating a garden of aromatic plants is the perfect option for those looking to give their exterior a wild look. Easy to get started but, above all, to maintain; opting for this garden formula will allow us to arouse emotions, especially in the sunny months. A time in which, thanks to the light and the rise in temperatures, the aromatics unfold all their aromas. And no: when we talk about creating a garden with this type of plants, it does not necessarily have to be the whole garden. We can assign them a specific space, use them to create borders or even make them the protagonists of a specific area if we consider how to make a rockery for the garden.

Regardless of the space they occupy outside, it is essential to know how to organize our aromatic plants. A planning exercise that will allow us to enjoy them without too many complications.


Although the natural space for these plants is outdoors, it is more than common to know how to grow aromatic herbs at home and not know what they need outside of it. We are not talking about individual cultivation, which is simple since we will be giving our plant the specific care it demands. We refer, in fact, to when we decide to group different aromatic plants in a certain area or give them all the prominence in our exterior. Something that we cannot do lightly, under penalty of losing some of our copies along the way.

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So whether they are going to occupy the entire garden or if we are going to allocate specific areas for them, it is convenient to know how to organize them so that they grow without setbacks. Something that requires not only being clear about how to plant aromatic plants, but also some planning prior to this task.

1. Define the style of the space, the starting point for creating a garden of aromatic plants

Very important. One of the main characteristics of aromatic plants is, as we said, their wild appearance. A perfect virtue whether we want to make a low-maintenance sustainable garden or if we are wondering how to make a Mediterranean garden. In this type of space, naturalness prevails, so this type of plant is welcome. If we seek to give our garden an aesthetic somewhere between the rustic and the country, we can allocate a good part of its surface to aromatic plants, if not all of it.

However, if our goal is to have a more organized and classic garden, the presence of aromatic plants will have to be relegated to specific areas. Some that will allow us to put a more casual touch or create dynamism without making rusticity the maximum of the space.

2. Choose the right location, essential for your survival

In order to create its essential oils, responsible for its aromas; aromatic plants require a minimum of six hours of light per day. Even in the case of the most rustic species, having a good dose of lighting is crucial both for their well-being and for their growth. For this reason, when designing your space, we will always have to think of an extremely sunny area.

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Just as important as this is to thoroughly check the planting soil. The aromatic ones are not lovers of waterlogging, and an excess of water can rot their roots. For this reason and before anything else, it is important to know if the place where we are going to plant has good drainage. A precaution that we will also take into account if we consider combining planting in the ground with growing aromatic plants in pots.

3. Plant them by size, guarantee that they receive the light they need

A step that implies knowing the dimensions that the different types of aromatics that we use can reach. Something fundamental, especially if we decide to plant our plant from seeds.

As we said, the sun is a real essential for the development of these plants. For this reason, it is essential to place the largest plants in the back, reserving the front for the smaller ones.

4. Group them by irrigation needs, key to their survival

No, the time to plant has not yet come. Because, before doing so, another detail is also crucial: knowing the water demand of each species. Only knowing this detail will we be able to group our plants, and give them what they need without compromising the good health of others that may require less watering.

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5. Design before planting, the last detail

As casual as a garden of aromatic plants may be, we cannot ignore the fact that it needs minimal design. Only if we dedicate time to it, the result, beyond being rustic, will be aesthetically harmonious. And it is that, at this point, it is time to put into practice one of the maxims of garden landscaping: play with the volumes and colors of the plants.

What does this imply with our aromatic plants? Simple: it involves inserting leafy plants with others with flowers; and, in the case of the aromatic ones with flowering, mix plants with flowers of different shades and disposition. In this way, and once they grow, the space that we allocate to these scented plants will also be visually beautiful.

Do you dare to create a garden with aromatic plants and enjoy their perfumes?

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