How to plant lilies?

The amaryllis or lilium is a plant with flowers that can be of different colors, depending on the type of crop. It is quite well known throughout the world, mainly due to the meaning attached to its flowers, something that makes it popular as a gift. In addition, its cultivation is not so complicated.

For flower lovers, lilies are among the favorites. There are aromatic ones and in such a variety of colors and shades that it is worth knowing them. If we investigate a little in a book of bulbous plants and their names, this species will surely appear and is cataloged as a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Liliaceae family.

On the other hand, it should be noted that there are variations of lilies in which their flowers are of different colors, being able to find representatives of shades of blue, intense red, orange, lilac, among others. These, through time and culture, have been baptized with different meanings that you will be able to learn about later. Thus, when you go to give a lily, you can give it an interpretation that will make it much more special.

Lily: recommended care

Considering that the lily is a very popular flower, its care is relatively simple and its price is quite affordable compared to others, therefore, it is not surprising that many are interested in learning to master the art of its cultivation.

If you are interested, in the following space we will indicate the guidelines to follow, so that you can have your own field of lilies at home and enjoy them whenever you like.

Where to plant a lily?

When studying what would be the ideal place in the garden to plant a lily, one must be meticulous, since the quality of it is very important , to obtain a good flowering.

The depth of the substrate must be at least 30 centimeters, to guarantee proper drainage after irrigation. It is also recommended that it be rich in organic matter, as well as a pH level of 7 with a tendency to acid.

As for the type, it must be soft, to stimulate the development of the root system of the plant. Fertilizer is not required as a necessity, but you can use approximately 10 to 15 kilograms per m².

suitable temperature

Lilies are plants that have specific temperature needs, so, considering the influence of this parameter on the development and health of the flower, you can choose to grow them in controlled greenhouses .

Specifically, the recommended range of temperature for the cultivation of the lily is between 18 °C to 24 °C during the day and between 12 °C to 15 °C at night, so it is advisable to plant in the months of September and October, preferably if it is going to be done outdoors.

Sun and irrigation recommendations

The sun is very important for the growth and development of many plants, including the prized lily flower.

The lilium bulbiferum is a plant that should be placed in an area that gives it intermediate sun, that is, with the same number of hours in the shade . However, it must be considered that when the flowering stage arrives, the hours of sunlight must be increased, to promote it.

As for irrigation, the environmental temperature must be taken into account. In the case of the lily, it is recommended to plant it at the beginning of autumn, so the temperatures will continue to be somewhat high, having just come out of the summer.

During this time, irrigation must be constant, to keep the substrate moist with an approximate range of between 2 to 3 times per week. You can use a regular watering can and only increase the regularity when the flowers appear.

care for growth

Taking into account the type of lily, its flower can weigh enough to bend the stem, so in these cases it will also be necessary to make a trellis.

You can opt for the simple way of burying a rod in the substrate and supporting the plant with it or also build a mesh structure, for the trellising of several lily bulbs. This way the stem will not lose strength and will be able to continue developing without any inconvenience, to see more and more lilies being born.

Meaning of lily flowers

Lilies and their flowers, like other species, have been baptized with special meanings and interpretations, thanks to their vivid and beautiful colors that, according to beliefs, convey different feelings and messages. Therefore, here we will know the lily and its meaning, according to the color of the flower:

  • white lily

White lilies represent purity and honesty, which is why they are usually given when a gift is wanted from the heart and, generally, associated with the love of a couple.

  • blue lily

The blue color in the lily flower represents longing, friendship, and trust. For this reason, many people choose to give a bouquet of blue lilies to the person they like.

  • red lily

Red lilies are directly linked to love and seduction, being one of the most popular options to give to a stable couple.

More information

With delicate characteristics, this plant has an underground stem with bulbs from which the basal leaves come, while outside the substrate you can see an aerial herbaceous stem with many leaves along its length.

The stems are usually green to brown in color, while the leaves are full green. The flowers, for their part, are usually large, naturally white and funnel-shaped, so the petals offer a delicate curvature that makes them very beautiful and elegant.

They are of the aromatic type and usually appear in groups of between 5 to 20 flowers. In addition to this, they also have tepals, which reach a length of approximately 15 centimeters and are completely yellow, to give a special touch to the impeccable whiteness of the flower.

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