How to Plant Padrón Peppers: [Complete Guide]

Plant Padron Peppers Step by Step:

  1. When? They are sensitive to cold. Ideal between April and May.
  2. Where? Area that receives a lot of sunlight. At least 7 hours a day.
  3. Harvest time? It will germinate between 10-20 days. Then another 30 days from the campus.
  4. How do we prepare the land? Removed with a power tiller, pH between 6.5-7. Ideally, there has been sowing of peas before.
  5. How do we pay? They are demanding. With decomposed organic matter such as manure, well mixed with the soil. Also earthworm humus. Use a compost bin if we have one.
  6. How do we water? Ideal, with drip.
  7. How often do we water? They are picky about water. In hot summer, daily about 30-40 minutes. Otherwise every 2-3 days about 30-40 minutes. Look at the leaves to determine if they need more water.
  8. How do we sow? With seed, we buried about 3mm. We leave a space between seeds of approximately 2.5cm. With plants we leave a little more space (approximately 10cm).
  9. How do we harvest? When the color of the peppers begins to turn green, they are strong. We cut the stem or pull gently.
  10. Good associations? Garlic, cabbage, chard, basil, eggplant, spinach, peas, beans, lettuce, radishes and tomatoes.
  11. Bad associations? Cucumbers.
  12. Diseases and pests? Aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, thrips, woodlice, nematodes, oidiopsis, gray rot and white rot.

T he padrón peppers are a type of pepper widely used in Spanish cuisine. They are usually grilled, with a little oil and garlic (sautéed).

These peppers are not very resistant to cold, so it is convenient to start sowing them in warmer months (such as April and May).

How do we prepare the land?

We must till the land beforehand and fertilize it. It is ideal one or two weeks before starting to sow padrón peppers. We will also water for several days to moisten it.

We also want the soil to be stirred and aerated. For this reason, passing the motorcycle beforehand is ideal.

We will make two rows or ridges.

How do we water?

The best option is the drip.

How often do we water?

Peppers require water, but do not like waterlogging. Ideally, constant drip irrigation. In summer, with high temperatures, daily for 30 minutes.

At the beginning it is important that the soil is always moist (not flooded).

How do we plant padrón peppers?

For greater ease, it is ideal to do it through a campus. The plant will be more resistant and we will be able to harvest faster.

We prepare a series of holes in the previously cultivated and fertilized land. We deposit the seedlings in such holes. We will leave a space of about 10 centimeters between each plant.

sow with seed

Something more complicated, but meeting the necessary conditions does not have to be difficult.

We will sow the padrón pepper seeds at a depth of about 2-3 millimeters. You have to spread the seeds. Germination will occur between 10-20 days.

It is very important to have the soil removed, aerated and moist when sowing the seeds.

Plagues and diseases

The padrón pepper is vulnerable, like the rest of the pepper types, to fungi. So we will have much less problems if we carry out a continuous, but gentle irrigation.

Puddles cause the proliferation of fungi. So we want to avoid them. In addition, the padrón pepper will be vulnerable to:

  • aphid.
  • Red spider.
  • White fly.
  • Thrips.
  • Chochineal.
  • nematodes.
  • Oidiopsis.
  • Gray rot.
  • White rot.

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