How to prepare a garden: Agrohuerto wants to know your experiences

Good afternoon everyone! How are you doing in the garden? For a few weeks I have had the pleasure of being one of the authors of and the truth is that it is a great pleasure. Knowing ecological techniques to improve our garden and confirming that in addition to the Internet or books, the best way to learn is word of mouth, it is very rewarding. In this way, from, we want to encourage you to tell us how your orchards are.

What does Agrohuerto want you to explain this to us?

What I want to promote with “Agrohuerto wants your advice” is that you let yourself go a little and tell us in your own words how you manage your garden. To give you an idea, answer more or less questions like this: What do you plant? How do you plan the garden? Do you compost? How do you defend yourself against pests?

In addition to this, we would like you to share with us what the garden gives you. As you are seeing in the reports of the Network of Community Gardens of Madrid, gardens are not only areas where you can practice agriculture. Also social areas where people connect in an extraordinary way, hence the article written this week on SOCIAL NETWORK: URBAN ORCHARDS.

Perhaps for you it is an area where you can find a place to relax or a place to connect with your family or friends.

How can you prepare your articles?

If you dare to write to us, grab your computer and start writing. WE WANT TO MEET YOU!

Do you cheer up?

I HOPE YOU SEE IT AS A GOOD INITIATIVE! Remember 400 words and photos

We want to hear your advice and see how the techniques change depending on your location.

I thank you for your effort and if you are encouraged I would be tremendously satisfied to see that is growing. In addition, we will work to promote this initiative on Facebook and Twitter

I look forward to your great report!

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