How to protect a lemon tree from frost?

Lemon trees are probably one of the most popular garden fruit trees . It should be noted that they do not adapt well to low temperatures , for that reason, it is common that when reaching -7 ºC (or more) continuously, the lemon trees die.

This problem is not exclusive to lemon trees, but there are other citrus fruits that are affected by cold and frost . For that reason, if you were also wondering how to protect an orange tree from frost, this information will also be useful. You can follow the same advice.

Protecting the lemon tree and other citrus fruits from the cold is a priority. But it is even more important to protect them from the frost, which puts their survival at risk in less time. In this Friends of Gardening article we will explain how to protect a lemon tree from frost .

How to protect fruit trees from frost? 

One of the tricks so that trees do not freeze is to start by  protecting the roots , since they are the most important part of the tree. Once frozen, they no longer have a solution, so if we have our lemon tree planted in the garden we will cover or pad the perimeter of our fruit tree.

We can cover the base with a thick layer of moss, coconut fiber, soil or mulching . In this way the heat given off by the soil will not evaporate so easily and the roots will continue to maintain a good temperature , protected from a cold that could kill them.

If the lemon seems frozen and are looking for a possible solution before cutting it down, try to cover the roots with a thermal blanket for limonero (any thermal blanket gardening), but we recommend always opt for natural alternatives.

In another case, if our lemon tree was planted in a pot, it will be advisable to bring it as close as possible to a wall, in this way it will be somewhat sheltered. We can also cover the pot with newspapers, cardboard or burlap , thus isolating the pot from low temperatures.

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The importance of covering a lemon tree in winter

The other step that we will follow to protect our lemon tree from frost will be to make or buy a greenhouse that will help us protect our fruit tree. Apart from sheltering you from low temperatures, it will also help us to protect you from the wind . The structure should resemble a tent or a ‘teepee’.

How to cover a lemon tree in winter?

Next we will explain how to make a type to protect the lemon tree from winter:

  1. We will firmly drive several sticks around the lemon tree into the ground and join them at the top. We can use duct tape or string type. 
  2. Once the exterior structure is made, we will wrap it with a plastic canvas or similar. In Friends of Gardening we advise you to use film, since, in addition to being very easy to use, it will remain correctly attached.
  3. We will leave a space between the earth and the lower part of the plastic structure, in this way the plant can breathe and will not have any excess humidity. 
  4. In the event that the temperature drops drastically, we can cover the part not covered with tarps, nets and even flowerpots, remembering to remove it the next day so that the lemon tree can breathe.

Do not forget that lemon trees need regular care to develop properly and offer good quality fruits. Also discover in Friends of Gardening how to make natural compost for a lemon tree and start to enjoy a robust and healthy tree in a short time.

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