How to Prune an Avocado Tree: [Guide on Avocado Tree Pruning]

avocado is alovely tree with bright green leaves and luscious fruitvery healthy pear-shaped.

It is a tree of vigorous growth not suitable for small gardens that comes from three races: the Mexican, the Antillean and the Guatemalan.

In this article we show youall the important points for pruning an avocado tree Prepared?

Why prune avocado?

Avocado pruning is recommended after the fruit set and when the spring vegetative shoot has finished its growth.

Heavy pruning should be done only to shape the tree, and avoid pests and negative impact on the tree.

Pruning is the care that we must give the avocado tree to guarantee the supply of its fruits for years.

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What is the best date to prune it?

The ideal dates arespring and early summerto avoid a negative impact.

This, because if we prune the tree in autumn and winter, we are exposing it to cold and frigid temperatures.

During the spring, we stimulate general growth; during the summer, the length of growth is stimulated, as it will grow taller and wider.

What important points should you keep in mind when pruning it?

The avocado does not need you to prune it too much because the production of its fruits needs a lot of foliage.

However, it is important to do minimal pruning to keep it balanced, have easy access to the tree, and expose it to the sun.

Of course, if the tree has to be shaped, pruning must be intense.

Pruning shears

To do this, you must have the right tools, such aspruning shears less than 25 mm (one inch) in diameter,but you can also use special shears made specifically for avocado trees that have rounded tips to prevent fruit damage.

To cut the branches thatare more than 25 mm thick,a two-handed pruner must be used.

This tool needs to be sharpened frequently because it is perfect for removing large branches, especially from the base.


It is also importantprotect skin with gloves wear appropriate clothing (old clothes, jeans, you don’t mind getting dirty) and a wide-brimmed hat or cap to protect your face and neck from the sun.


It is important to use a sturdy ladderfor access to the tree and, if necessary, ask for the help of another person to hold it, seeking to maintain balance.

How should we prune the avocado tree? (Step by Step)

  1. Once the previous steps have been completed, we proceed to disinfect the tools that you will use in the pruning; these should be in a close location to avoid trips back and forth to the garage or tool shed, which will do nothing but waste your time.
  2. Tools can transmit fungi and bacteria between trees, so they must be cleaned after each pruning.
  3. For that, you must fill a spray bottle with bleach or alcohol to disinfect them before undertaking the pruning to the next tree.
  4. In the pruning, you must cut the high branches to create a kind of small windows in the crown, for the entrance of the sun and the wind.
  5. However, many open areas should not be created that could expose the tree to strong sunlight; In this sense, a conical or pyramidal shape is better so that the plant is exposed to the sun evenly.
  6. If the branches of the tree are entangled with those of another, or if they prevent you from pruning or irrigating the area, it is appropriate to work the sides of the tree using the two-handed pruner.
  7. You must be careful with intense pruning, because pruning too much could have consequences contrary to the desired objectives, since you could permanently stop the fruit growth of the tree.
  8. It is important to keep the symmetry in the cuts; That is why it is important to keep track of the branches cut from one side to cut the same number from the other side, to balance the weight of the tree.
  9. A larger cut on one side could tip the tree, which will sway unevenly, making it more susceptible to high winds and harsh weather.
  10. The upper branches must be gradually removed to control the height, as there are trees that do not have strong roots to stay tall.
  11. But don’t worry, this process should take about four years, during which time slow but steady treatment will help reduce stress on the tree. Withered branches should be cut from the base.
  12. It is not convenient to apply fertilizer after intense pruning, since the idea of ​​pruning is precisely the natural growth of the plant.
  13. The tree should only be pruned back to the trunk if it needs rejuvenation; rejuvenation will guarantee fruit production in subsequent years.
  14. But if it is a very sunny area, it is important to apply a layer of white latex paint diluted with water on the cuts, to protect them from the sun.
  15. Rejuvenation pruning is not recommended for those who do not have experience, as badly done it can kill the tree; It is advisable to go to a professional to do it.
  16. If deemed necessary, preventative pruning can be done to avoid heavy pruning, cutting tips in areas where you don’t want new branches to grow.
  17. After pruning, the tree may not produce a large number of avocados, but over time it will because its growth will be healthy.

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