How to recover a Cyclamen in 7 situations

It is one of the most valued plants for many reasons. Not only can it be grown both among indoor plants and as part of our outdoor plants. It is also one of those plants that bloom all year round or almost, so it is impossible not to surrender to its charms. However, it is more than common to wonder how to recover a Cyclamen or Cyclamen. A recurring doubt that today we intend to clear up, seeing different situations that we can experience with our plant.

Let’s start by breaking a more than usual myth about this wonderful plant. Contrary to what is believed, how to take care of the Cyclamen does not require great knowledge in gardening or having a special hand with plants. The only thing that this beautiful plant requires is not to lose sight of the fact that it has very specific demands when it comes, especially, to temperature and irrigation.

For this reason, as important as knowing what you need to be strong and vigorous is knowing how to interpret the signals to correct any mistake that we are making in your cultivation.


Although there are several scenarios that can make us look for how to recover a Cyclamen, there is another more than usual query about this plant: how to make it bloom again. A recurring doubt that we can clear up knowing something important: this wonderful plant does not tolerate heat very well.

For this reason, and although we know how to care for the Cyclamen to prolong its flowering, with the arrival of spring and the increase in temperatures we will see how it begins to drop the flowers and leaves. Let’s not be alarmed: it’s normal. The Cyclamen or Cyclamen is preparing for its necessary vegetative rest to bloom again when the heat begins to drop.

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At this point in her cycle, how can we encourage her to give us her precious flowers again? Simple: letting him rest. Ideally, when our Cyclamen begins to show signs of exhaustion, we gradually remove the fertilizer that we are applying to it. A task that we will develop in parallel with a progressive decrease in irrigation. When we detect that the Cyclamen has yellow leaves, we will stop watering. It is not advisable to remove them but simply wait for nature to take its course.

Before more we suggest you see, in just a few minutes, the essential care of this plant. Some that will allow us to know it in detail to avoid having to find out precisely how to recover a Cyclamen.

And now yes: let’s see other situations in which it may be essential that we review how we are taking care of it.

1. The plant has wrinkled leaves

A symptom that occurs, above all, in the hot months or in the indoor cultivation of Cyclamen in the cold months. When our plant presents wrinkled leaves, it is usually due to excess temperature and lack of hydration.

To compensate, the ideal is to place it in a cooler place and increase the frequency of irrigation. Eye: without flooding, and always watering the substrate around the bulb, preventing the leaves from getting wet.

2. The Cyclamen has yellow leaves, a cause for alarm that requires knowing how to recover it

One of the clearest manifestations that we are making a mistake in the cultivation of our plant. If a Cyclamen has yellow leaves it can be due to two reasons that we must know thoroughly. The first of all: the lack of light. If this hue is generalized in all the leaves of the plant, it will be crying out for a change of location.

But it is not the only way that the Cyclamen presents yellow leaves. If it is the lower and older ones that acquire this coloration, it is a symptom of excess moisture in the substrate. If we ask ourselves how to recover a Cyclamen that presents this situation, the answer is simple: reduce irrigation to a minimum until it recovers its usual color or until we verify that no more yellow leaves appear.

Remember that it is a plant whose life can be compromised by excess water, so in addition to this it is important to check if the drainage is working properly.

3. The leaves have been burned

Simple: our plant has been exposed to direct sun. It is not a major damage, and recovering a Cyclamen with these characteristics is as simple as moving it to a place protected from direct light.

4. Cyclamen has drooping leaves and flowers.

If we detect it in our plant but there is no color change in the leaves, the answer is that it is hot. Solving it involves finding a cooler place, even in partial shade.

But what if the Cyclamen has yellow leaves and drooping flowers? Again it is a sign of excess moisture. And yes: if we do not want to compromise the life of our plant, it will be crucial to stop it at the root by reducing irrigation and eliminating yellow leaves.

5. The plant has small leaves and does not flower

It is not worrying! It is due, solely, to a lack of subscriber. To redirect the situation, nothing like applying it regularly during the months of growth and flowering.

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The ideal: use a diluted liquid fertilizer in the irrigation every 15 days.

6. Cyclamen have sticky leaves

We are in the presence of a sucking plague and we cannot relax. Eliminating pests from the garden or plants is essential to ensure their good health, and it is not worth leaving it for tomorrow.

How? With an insecticide that, if possible, is ecological so as not to damage the environment.

7. The leaves have a gray powder

Probably the most urgent case on the list of how to recover a Cyclamen. The presence of this gray powder on the leaves is the manifestation of a fungus. To prevent the life of the plant from being compromised, we will have to stop it in two ways. The first: applying a fungicide that allows us to eliminate it.

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But it is not the only thing we must do. The presence of fungi denotes an excess of humidity, so we will have to control the pattern of water and, again, check if our Cyclamen is expelling the excess irrigation water well.

How to recover a Cyclamen is much simpler than it seems. A task, in any of these cases, that our plant will appreciate in the best way: being healthy and in flower.

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