How to regrow vegetables from the garden: 4 plants that can be regrown

Good Agrohuerters, today we are going to show you how simple it is to sprout or regrow vegetables, since they can not only be obtained by seed.

How to regrow garden vegetables

1 lettuce

The lower part of the lettuce heart must be used, which is what is commonly discarded, as it is thicker and has a very hard texture. To begin with, the outermost leaves can be removed since what is of interest is the thick part.

This part is left in a container with a little water. The ideal amount of water is to cover it a little less than half, but never cover it completely, otherwise it will not sprout. And it should always have water until the roots and shoots come out, which will take about 10-15 days to come out.

The ideal place for it to be during the process is a cool place with some light. Once it has enough roots we will proceed to transplant it. Continuous waterings will be given right after transplanting.

2. Carrot

You have to cut the top of the carrots, the one that carries the leaves; It has to be cut with special care to always leave a small part of the fleshy area of ​​the carrot, so that when it grows it has enough nutrient reserves (just like the seeds).

When we see that roots have sprouted, which takes quite a while, it is transplanted and generous irrigations are made.

3. Rosemary

Take a sprig of rosemary, which would be a cutting, cut the lower part in a beveled way, that is, at an angle. Never make the cut straight, since this way it suffers less and absorbs nutrients better.

Then leave it in a container with water and it will not take long for roots to appear, when you have a sufficient number, do the transplant, you can also add a rooting agent, so that they develop faster and better. You should also water it abundantly during the first days after the transplant.

4. Ginger

In this case we can take a whole ginger or split it, it is the only one of all that does not need to go through water. Although it is recommended to put it in warm water for a while before regrowth.

Ginger ready to regrow

Now it is placed in the soil or substrate, which has to be rich in nutrients and not very compact, it is buried a little, with enough soil to cover it but without sinking it, and it is watered.

Being a plant of Asian origin, it will need a somewhat warm place during the process, once it has sprouted it must be watered more frequently.

The ideal place to leave it is near a window. Ginger is one of the most slow to produce roots, so you have to have some patience.

One important thing, for all those vegetables that need a first process of being in water for a period of time, is that the water must be changed daily in which they are, because it needs to have oxygen.

And that is achieved by changing it daily or with a recirculation system (but this is already too much for what you want to do, and it will also be in the water for a short time).

You must also take into account that the plants, until they become adults and give good and abundant production, take time to grow about 10 months, just as if they were sown.

The advantages of growing vegetables

  • Is very cheap.
  • There is a wide variety of vegetables that can be grown.
  • With this method you don’t have to worry about getting seeds.
  • You know where the vegetables of origin come from, so it can be 100% organic
  • It’s a great way to use up leftover food.
  • It’s very easy and fast.
  • Teach the little ones how it can be recycled in nature and especially what they usually eat because not only vegetable remains are used to make compost.

Today we have explained only 5 types of vegetables, but there are many more than you can imagine and they are all very similar when it comes to germinating, but each one has its particularities, so it is always good to comment on each particular case so that you can that in the future we talk about others.

Do not worry if it does not germinate the first time you do it, since it may be that it has not been provided with optimal conditions or even that although the vegetable appears to be fine, then it is not, and that is why it does not germinate. Or have a lot of trouble doing it. But just repeat the process carefully and voila.

Agrohuerters I hope you try to re-grow vegetables and thus make your garden bigger. Regards and until next time!

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