How to reproduce the Chinese money plant

It is one of the sensations of the plant world. Its simple green beauty has made it the most photographed plant on Instagram, and Chinese money plant decorating ideas keep taking over Pinterest. This protagonism is not only due to its size. In addition, his care is extremely simple, including a task that we must take into account: how to reproduce the Chinese money plant.

Curiously, and despite its importance, it is one of the cares that usually go unnoticed. Something curious if we take into account that multiplying the Chinese money plant does not only seek to have more copies. Doing so favors, in addition, that the mother plant can grow and develop in conditions.

And if growing pilea peperomioides is easy, it is no less easy to reproduce it. It is enough to know how to do it correctly, and discover the methods that make it easier for us to successfully grow our plants.


Since it is a relative «newcomer», there are some details of pilea peperomioides that are poorly understood. And, curiously, one of the most prominent is closely related to multiplying the Chinese money plant. We are talking about an extremely generous plant when it comes to generating suckers or new plants. So much so that what is really surprising is that, without any effort on our part, our plant will create them with amazing ease.

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For this reason, in the Nordic countries it is considered the plant of friendship. And it is that tradition dictates that reproducing the Chinese money plant has, fundamentally, one objective: to raise a pilea peperomioides plant to give to a friend. A little-known custom in our latitudes that, however, is full of symbolism.

And it is that the pilea peperomioides is, precisely, friendly. Not only because it is part of the list of plants that attract money and prosperity, but also because it is also in the top ten of purifying plants that clean the air. And as if this were not enough, there is one more reason to enjoy it: it is the perfect companion for homes where there are animals.

Taking all this into account, why are you dying to multiply the Chinese money plant? Let’s look at two ways to get your plant propagated.

1. Through suckers, the easiest way to reproduce the Chinese money plant

It is the easiest way to have new plants. And it is enough to take minimal care of our pilea peperomioides and give it a place that it likes to see how it begins to create suckers.

The suckers are themselves new plants in a budding state. They are easy to identify, since they replicate the shape of the mother plant but in small dimensions and are always arranged around the trunk of the plant. On some occasions, they can also be born from the stem of the main plant itself.

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If we opt for this method, it will suffice to dig up the suckers from the root and plant them in a substrate for green plants. If the sucker is on the stem of the plant, we will carefully remove it and insert it into the substrate.

2. Through a leaf, a slower way to propagate our plant

It is very strange that a pilea peperomioides does not give offspring… but the situation can happen! When that happens, it’s usually because the plant isn’t where it’s most comfortable, or even because it has a nutrient defect. However, it is not a hindrance when it comes to multiplying it. Because, in the absence of suckers, we can always do it through its leaves. And yes: it is extremely effective but somewhat slower than the sucker method.

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To reproduce the Chinese money plant by this method, it will suffice to take a mature leaf. The ideal is to slightly cut the petiole or stem, leaving it to have an extension of four centimeters. It will be enough to introduce it into the ground and take care of it as if it were a plant. If our multiplication is successful, we will begin to see new stems born that will form the plant.

Whichever system you choose, one thing is clear. Reproducing your Chinese money plant will give you a lot of joy. And, incidentally, it will allow you to have an original and different gift for the people you love.

Because, beyond the beauty of its form, this Nordic tradition deserves to be perpetuated. And if there is something about pilea peperomioides, it is that it makes it very easy for us to continue with the habit.

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