How to safely use the bow saw?

As with most hand and power tools, the use of the bow saw implies certain dangers for the physical integrity of the user. However, these risks can go unnoticed by the naked eye, so it is worth remembering them and mentioning some tips to work as safely as possible.

The bow saw has a long history related to the need for protection against the weather and ferocious animals, which forced primitive man to create tools to build houses and furniture mainly made from the wood of the trees available around him. Therefore, in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance it was a utensil in common use in many parts of the world. Despite having certain differences in terms of design, most of them had a frame and a metal sheet with small teeth. In some cases, a handle was added to hold the tool more comfortably.

It is not difficult to think that the use of this tool in its oldest version could have caused accidents within primitive communities, so over time we have learned certain practices that allow us to avoid cuts due to the use of this and other devices. Similar. Nowadays, the hacksaw is mainly used to cut metals, but it is still a dangerous object, therefore, it is good to remember what the risks involved are and review some ways to make it safer to use.

Knowing the bow saw

A basic way to avoid accidents with tools is to know the parts that make it up. In this case, the bow saw is made up of three parts; the frame, the blade and the handle. In general, the handle of modern models has a special non-slip rubber coating, which allows a firmer grip for precise cutting. The blade can vary from model to model, but it usually has sharp serrations to cut the material in a back-and-forth motion, applied directly by the user.

The safest way to use the hacksaw

The first thing we should think about is that we are dealing with a manual device with a sharp metal, so we must protect our hands. In this case, there are special gloves made of fiberglass, polyester, leather and spandex. These materials are anti-cut, so they protect the skin and fingers very well. However, it is good to clarify that they are indicated for manual devices, since when using rotating tools, as in the case of circular saws, gloves can be counterproductive and get caught in the machine more easily.

If you do not have special gloves for this purpose, it is important that you keep your hands away from the cutting blade. In addition, it is recommended to remove bracelets, rings, watches, as well as any other accessories from the fingers, hands and wrists. This will allow you more freedom of movement while preventing the blade from binding during the back and forth motion when cutting.

Whether you’re cutting wood, metal, or plastic, it’s common for chips to fly everywhere, so protect your eyes. Transparent safety glasses are a very good option, as they allow you to correctly see the piece you are cutting and at the same time prevent smaller residues from reaching the view. These glasses are usually made of polycarbonate and other very hard plastics, so they resist tiny and sharp fragments of metal, wood, among others.

As for clothing, it is advisable to wear tight-fitting garments for greater comfort, in addition, this prevents fabrics from being trapped between the blade and the workpiece. For added safety, you can wear safety clothing to protect the rest of the body. This type of clothing is specially designed to resist the impact of shrapnel, however, it can be hot, so it is not a good option during the summer.

The footwear can be any, as long as it covers the skin in its entirety. It is good to know that there are shoes designed with a piece of metal on the toe, to properly protect if the hacksaw accidentally falls on your feet. If you don’t have the budget for this, then you can use the strongest ones you have.

Other Important Security Measures

Even if you have the best bow saw , like any cutting tool, its use requires certain care. Check everything you have around the workpiece, it is best to have the space free of objects and people. Check that the sash is tensioned and securely fastened to the frame before starting. At this point it is important to remember that old and very worn blades can break causing serious accidents.

To start cutting a work piece, it is good to tilt the saw blade, pulling the tool first, this allows you to make the first notch and gives you more control of the tool, on the contrary, if you push the first it is You may lose your balance and end up making the wrong cut, increasing the risk of injury.

Another of the basic tips provided by experts is that you should make sure that the piece you want to cut is well supported so that it cannot move during the process, this provides greater security and also a cleaner cut to achieve professional finishes at home.

The posture of your body is fundamental during the cut, especially if you do this type of work constantly, since in the long run you could have musculoskeletal disorders. For this reason, you should adopt a position where you take full advantage of the force of your own weight by leaning over the piece, but without being too stooped.

As for the speed, it should not be too fast or too slow, but medium and constant, so that you can cut with greater control of your own strength. If you’re cutting pipe, it can help to twist the pipe as you go through its wall, whereas profiles are easier to cut if you start at the widest part.

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