How to take care of your tiller

If you have recently purchased a motorized tiller and you are interested in knowing a little more about its care and maintenance, you should consider that these tasks must be carried out with care and dedication to be effective and improve the performance of the equipment while prolonging its useful life. usually.

Tillers and gardening

If you have a garden or a small orchard at home, determining which power tiller to buy (in this link you will find several products to analyze) could be one of the most important decisions to determine how to work and care for it. First of all, you should know which machines are designed to essentially remove the earth, but some can also remove weeds to clear the land, so you will have to pay close attention to the specifications before deciding which one is worth your investment. money.

On the other hand, the advantage offered by a good quality motorized tiller is that of removing the soil so that you can plant seeds more easily, as well as adding fertilizer to your plants, aerating your planting and other tasks.

Added to this and, unlike its older brother, the tiller, the tiller is easier to handle and has a lighter size and weight, since it is manual equipment and designed for domestic use. Also, if you already have one in your hands, it is important that you are aware of the maintenance needs of the device.

Use tips

In order to use a motorized tiller without problems, there are some tips that you can follow before activating it which, together with the maintenance recommendations before and after using it, will help you extend its useful life to get the most out of the money you have invested in it. she.

First of all, we advise you to use all the necessary safety elements to avoid problems when using the motorized tiller, after all, it is about machinery. The most recommended elements can be a helmet, safety glasses, gloves, boots and long pants.

Then, you must check that the electrical connection does not present tensions between the cable and the equipment so that you can move freely. If you have a gasoline model, you will have to verify that there is enough fuel left in the tank, so that it does not turn off in the middle of the task.

When you have everything ready, you will have to deactivate the blocking system in case your tiller offers it, so you can activate the switch that will start the engine and start the blade system.

Everything is ready so that you can start plowing the land of your garden and begin to develop and create the orchard or landscaping of your choice and, in addition, have how to take care of it without spending too much money or exerting too much effort.

Maintenance recommendations

Below, you can find step by step the general recommendations about the components that you should check to apply the necessary preventive maintenance and thus keep them intact and avoid wear on the tiller even if it is used continuously:

1. Blades

One of the first steps in properly caring for a tiller is to check the condition of the blade system after each use. As you know, motorized tillers are in contact with all kinds of weeds, soil and dirt in general, so it is common for them to lose their edge if the machine is used constantly.

To prevent the power tiller from exerting too much effort or not working the land as it should be, it is advisable to check that both the sharpness and the integrity of the blades have not yet been affected by use. If so, you can try to re-sharpen the blade system one by one or replace it completely.

2. Bolts

The blades or cutters, as they are commonly called due to their type, are anchored to the rotation system by means of safety bolts, however, bearing in mind that they are constantly rotating on land that can be difficult to work with, after each use it is advisable Check that the components are in place.

To accomplish this, you can use a wrench or screwdriver before starting the tiller and check both the bolts and nuts. Make sure they are tight and that they will keep the cutter in place when you turn on the equipment to avoid any type of accident.

At the same time, if you come across any of these items with signs of rust or wear, they should be replaced immediately and avoid using the power tiller in the meantime.

3. Oil

Since a motorized tiller needs an engine to work, its components can reach high temperatures depending on the fuel used. If you want to prevent parts from reaching too high temperatures, you need to make sure that the oil level is optimal.

Before using the tiller you have at home, experts recommend checking the engine oil level and refilling the tank if necessary, to avoid overheating problems.

4. Lubrication

As we indicated previously, both electric and gasoline motorized tillers use motors to rotate their blade system and these, in turn, need other parts to be able to move without problems.

One of the elements that facilitate the movement of these parts and the blades themselves is the lubricant, since it allows the gears and chains to slide. From time to time, it is advisable to lubricate all the moving parts of the tiller to keep it free from jams that could force the motor or break any of the parts.

5. Tension

The last aspect that you must take care of in order to apply proper maintenance to your tiller is tension.

These machines usually use tensioners and propulsion control cables that must have adequate tension, either to be able to rotate freely on the roller that activates the blade mechanism or to avoid over-tightening the current cable in the event of a problem. an electric model.

These elements must be in good condition and without presenting any type of breakage, wear or cracks, since they are essential for the proper and safe operation of the motorized tiller.

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