Plant Problems: 5 Potted Plant Problems

Good afternoon Farmers! We are going to end this week with a curious topic, which is the problems of potted plants. Many people sometimes wonder what could be better if they are in pots or in the ground, and the truth is that like everything else, this type of cultivation has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Potted Plant Problems

But we are going to talk this time about 5 problems of potted plants compared to a plant that is in a field:

Nutrient supply

As is often said, «the soil is a living entity», this means that a great diversity of living beings inhabit and interact in it and this means that there are naturally nutrients, salts, oxygen and other elements in the soil. These conditions need to be recreated in our pot or planter.

We also have to take into account that with the risks, being in a smaller space, the substrate will be washed much more. Therefore, it will be necessary to be much more aware of the needs of the plant, follow the cultivation calendar and fertilize or compost properly, that is, both with the appropriate amounts.

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root growth

This is perhaps one of the biggest problems; On land, the roots tend to expand, especially in dry areas, to go in search of water. Depending on the plant, they can expand up to three times their size (that is, the aerial part of the plant, which is what we see).

Two main things can happen to plants that are in pots, either that the roots do not develop much, or that they are very limited and begin to coil or spiral, which in both cases will reduce the ability to absorb nutrients and Water.

For this reason, it is advisable to find out beforehand how the size of an adult plant is going to be, approximately, which will determine the volume of the pot or planter; you always have to be aware of both its diameter and depth; since there are roots that expand to the sides, and others develop more vertically.

It is convenient to take into account the space or size of the container, both if there is going to be only one plant and at the time of sowing, where it is necessary to leave enough space between plants or rows. If this has not been taken into account, it can always be transplanted later.

The weather

We will always have to simulate its natural conditions in terms of climate, since it is common for planters to be left inside the house, or in the

Here we see that even Aubergines can be grown perfectly in pots.

windows or terraces; even if it is on the terrace, they are always affected by the climate inside the house. For this, it is necessary to keep in mind the plant ‘s cultivation cycle and its needs in each of the stages through which it passes. For example, to provide heat to the pot in winter, you can put padding.

watering potted plants

This is one of the points where you have to pay close attention on a daily basis, to irrigation; especially if we do not have a drip irrigation system, whether automated or not. Since if we have the plants on a covered terrace or indoors they will never be watered with rainwater. So you have to properly plan the irrigation schedule. One of the first symptoms of lack of irrigation is the loss of turgor of the plant. It is necessary not to go too far with the irrigations because of what was previously mentioned that the substrate is washed and produces losses of salts.

The substrate for the pots

It also has a lot to do with the first point of nutrients, but in terms of texture it has to be light, the structure very stable, it has to be well aerated when planting, the pH must be between 6-7.5, the salinity is not very high and above all it is necessary that it has good drainage, avoid flooding in any way, because in most cases they are quite harmful.

With a few pots we can start with a #Plant garden.

Although all the aforementioned are problems that growing potted plants presents, there is no reason to be alarmed, all of them together have a great advantage and that is that by having to be more attentive to their care, it means that we are providing our plant with just what it needs. what do you need.
Agrohuerters, plants, just like animals, also need to be in their natural habitat, which is where they develop best, but just as we have pets, we also have plants with which we commit to taking care of them, so all these plant problems in a pot we have to make them minimize, our plants will grow wonderfully and if we do it in an ecological way even better! In this way we also contribute to caring for the environment. Until next time!

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