Huercasa Country Festival 2014

Here we are already enjoying summer for a month. This means a time of good weather, heat and parties every weekend in many towns on the Peninsula. The fact is to have a good time. For years, Spain has been a country with a good range of festivals where people enjoy all these ingredients together with good music. But, why do I start talking about festivals in Because I would like you to think about the possibility of mixing good music with healthy practices in food and organic farming. Well imagine no more because IT EXISTS. This festival is called HUERCASA COUNTRY FESTIVAL 2014

Let’s find out what it’s all about

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HUERCASA COUNTRY FESTIVAL 2014 is a festival organized by the HUERCASA company in the Segovian town of Riaza, which was held for the first time on July 11-12 and brought together around 8,000 people.

Part of the name of the festival is given by the company HUERCASA, which is a company dedicated to the production of horticultural products since 1979. Located in the town of Sanchonuño, the company has grown in the autonomous community of Castilla y León and little by little it has been expanding both in Spain and in Europe. He has received different recognitions such as the Agroindustrial Initiative Award granted by Castilla y León in 2008; and the Innovative Entrepreneur Award in 2007 by the Segovian Business Federation. They have around 500 people working with them and they are committed to the values ​​and resources of the rural world.


Since 2013, it is a company that has begun to offer ecological products with sustainable development and proof of this is the realization of this event where they wanted to promote a form of » Healthy life «. For this HUERCASA, wanted to transfer different values ​​to the attendees as a commitment to healthy and family life, with good nutrition and the promotion of rural life.

Land of flavor, quality products

One of the focuses that the organizers wanted to attract were the families, to spend a different weekend and be able to send them the awareness message that diet is important and that the teachings that the rural world gives us are very important. In this way, it was possible to taste some 7,800 barbecue portions in which HUERCASA was also able to present its products such as endives, corn, potatoes or beets. Endives, by the way; They have the “Land of flavor” seal of Castilla y León, which is the seal of guarantee that this community gives to quality products.

In addition to eating, they also had the opportunity to see first-hand the realization of an urban garden. With different activities for both adults and children, the organization wanted to teach families that having an urban garden is not an activity limited to towns and that it can be extended to cities. In this way, give children the necessary knowledge to see that the potato comes out of the ground and that parents can consider the garden as an activity to increase family ties.

The COUNTRY part was for the area…

The company wanted to celebrate this first event in a particular place in the province of Segovia, the Sierra de Ayllón. For you to situate yourself, Riaza is 118 km from Madrid, very close to the ski resort of La Pinilla. It is a very pretty town of about 2,500 inhabitants with a very picturesque setting in its surroundings.

But the name COUNTRY is not because of this situation, but because of the sound that we could hear. This reason was another reason for the realization of HUERCASA COUNTRY FESTIVAL 2014, that is to say; ensure that this festival becomes the epicenter of country music in Spain.

To do this, they had the presence of national top-level bands such as Corizonas from Valladolid or great bands of this genre such as The Jayhawks, who were able to delight the audience with the performance of many of their songs that we can find on their albums ‘Sound of Lies ‘, ‘Smile’ and ‘Rainy Day Music’. Other big name groups that performed included Susan Santos, The Wild Horses, Los Widow Makers, La West Bluegrass Band, Folsom Prison Band, and Western Pacific . They also had the presence of Manolo Fernandez, who is the director of the RNE3 program «Toma Uno», who performed a session with the best of country music.

The price of the pass for two days was 30 euros and for one day it was 20 euros. But during the weekend, free concerts could be enjoyed in the town square, in which a good number of people were seen dancing.

We hope that these types of festivals, in which healthy values ​​are combined with good music, continue to take place. Since the dissemination of this knowledge in a playful way can help to reach all this philosophy in a better way.

To enjoy!

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