Husqvarna 135 Reviews

Main advantage:

Its powerful 1500W motor features innovative X-Torq technology, which significantly reduces fuel consumption and harmful gas emissions, making it also safer for the environment.

Main disadvantage:

The chain and bar of this chainsaw could come disassembled at the time of purchase, which a user considers as an inconvenience for those who do not have experience in this type of assembly.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This chainsaw has a comfortable and functional design, which thanks to its weight of 4.4 kg allows you to perform good quality work with minimal physical effort.

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Main Features Explained


It is a powerful and effective gasoline chainsaw suitable for both professional and occasional work, as it is a simple and easy-to-use tool. It is mainly useful for carrying out maintenance work on trees of different sizes that need to be pruned, as well as for removing branches in inconvenient positions and even for chopping down fallen trees that block paths on roads and highways.

In this sense, it has a powerful 1500 W motor and a displacement of 40.9 cm3, which allow it to reach a speed of up to 12,000 rpm, to guarantee efficient and quality work with little effort, since it can cut any type of branch in less time than an electric or battery-powered chainsaw.

On the other hand, it has a modern fuel pump and an automatic oil pump, with a capacity of 0.25 litres, both indicated to facilitate engine start-up. In addition, it is 2-stroke, so it mixes gasoline and oil to achieve good combustion and lubricate internal parts, thus offering greater efficiency and preventing wear.

In addition, its engine also has the new X-Torq technology that reduces fuel consumption, so it spends only 652 g/kWh. In turn, this generates lower gas emissions, thus complying with international regulations that protect the environment, so many users could consider it the best chainsaw of its kind.

It is important to note that the noise level it generates could be higher than that of other models, but it is normal for a gasoline-powered tool. In this sense, it is convenient to know that it produces 113 dB(A) and 102 dB(A) of sound pressure. However, this equipment complies with the standards set for the hearing safety of users. Also, for more peace of mind, you can use earplugs when you are doing a long day of work.

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One of the new features of this machine is the LowVib anti-vibration damping system, which is specifically designed to significantly reduce and absorb the vibrations produced when it is in operation, in this case, it generates only 3.9 meters per second squared. In this way, it offers rest to the areas of the body that are usually most affected during use, due to the constant vibration levels generated by this type of machine, such as the hands, arms and back.

As far as the stop and brake functions are concerned, this machine includes a mechanism with a double trigger, throttle and throttle lock, which allow the movement of the saw to be adjusted. Likewise, it has a stop control combined with an air handle, which facilitates the starting of the engine and prevents it from drowning when a sudden stop occurs.

This model stands out among most chainsaws due to its inertia-activated chain brake system, which immediately stops the rotation of the saw to prevent accidents when it receives an unusual blow, such as those produced by a rapid movement on the wood. and the rebounds on it.

In addition, it has Air Injection, an effective cleaning system by means of centrifuged air, which helps to precisely eliminate wood residues from the cutting area, to avoid unnecessary accumulation of waste and to facilitate visualization during use.

In this sense, this chainsaw is a functional tool for cutting different pieces of wood and modifying its appearance, either for aesthetic or maintenance purposes. It can even be used by professionals in public institutions related to city cleaning.


According to the opinions of some users, another of the outstanding characteristics of this chainsaw, in addition to its convenient price, is the functionality of the different accessories that it includes, since they favor its efficiency. As in the case of the front and rear handlebars, which provide an ergonomic design capable of offering comfort and ease of grip, allowing the user to balance the weight and maintain balance with the minimum of effort, avoiding excessive fatigue.

Similarly, the ignition rope incorporates a handle, which is suitable for starting the equipment easily and quickly, without affecting the engine or the hands. On the other hand, as far as the periodic maintenance of the chainsaw is concerned, it incorporates the practical Snap Lock quick-closing system on the cylinder cover, a mechanism that facilitates the cleaning and replacement of the spark plugs. Likewise, it has a lateral chain tensioner, specifically designed to facilitate adjustment to the bar in a comfortable and simple way, which translates into time savings.

It is important to note that this chainsaw incorporates a variety of accessories, which facilitate the work and protect you from accidental injuries. In this sense, it is necessary to make an adequate and responsible use of all its parts, using the appropriate equipment for the protection of the body, making sure you are in a safe environment and performing the mandatory maintenance, in this way you guarantee a long useful life and the better performance.

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