In Spain, despite being a traditionally agricultural country, most people are unaware of field management techniques, from control methods, with which it can be fought in an ecological way and is shown in the following article https:/ /, to the choice of the substrate, which is one of the fundamental things, as can be verified at this link

Due to the growing trend towards sustainable production models and ecological products, many web pages have been created that solve doubts for all beginners such as and associations in order to satisfy this new desire.

IAAS is one of those associations that is dedicated to connecting people interested in the world of ecology with people who are dedicated to it from all over the world, both farmers and small traders of organic products or any other type of work related to it, giving the possibility of living the experience of working as a volunteer in an organic garden.

They are exchanges of approximately one month duration, although the exact time as well as the working conditions are set with the specific person of the place where you are interested in going, in which the «volunteer» can learn about the forms of work there, as well as cooperate in the tasks of harvesting, planting, weeding, etc…

IAAS organizes meetings and seminars throughout the year to update issues of interest, such as environmental protection and food production, and discuss and report on interesting aspects, such as the congress on organic and urban agriculture Hundreds of Spanish students participated last year and continue to encourage each year in this program that is promoted by universities throughout Spain.

Among other similar exchange experiences, even the design of a new orchard is proposed as an objective, such as in Los Angeles, which although in this case is not promoted by this association, it gives us an idea gardening-in-south-central-los-angeles/

Shown here is one of a small farmer’s organic food stalls in Canada.

Traveling has always provided a lot of knowledge and enriching experiences to anyone who likes it. Currently it is within everyone’s reach to cross borders and, in this case, discover many forms and types of organic gardens as well as people with the same common goal. IAAS gives the opportunity to know all those stories in a personal way.

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