White Nettle: [Benefits, Effects, Preparation and Cure]

Did you know that white nettle is one of the plants with the greatest number of medicinal benefits that exist?

In Europe it is very popular, both in its use and in its ability to adapt to different climatic zones since it is imported from America.

Finding her growing around (even without anyone taking care of her) is very possible. It is sometimes taken as a weed due to its accelerated way of thriving.

The fact is that it is very usable and today we want to talk to you about how it can be useful so that, if you see it out there, you have no doubts about its usefulness. Are you coming?

What is white nettle?

The white nettle is a species of small-sized, evergreen plant that stands out for having leaves and stems full of soft hairs.

The leaves are heart-shaped, which gives it a particular charm. In addition, its upper part ends in a point and the edges are not straight but jagged.

In the flowering season, small white flowers are born (hence its name) that are grouped together, allowing them to stand out from the green surroundings of the structure. Due to its medicinal properties, it is a plant that is frequently collected, the leaves being useful, but especially the flowers.

The reason is because it has favorable compounds such as tannins, glycosides and mucilage, among others.

What benefits does white nettle offer?

White nettle is especially useful for treating certain health problems, both internal and external, including:

  1. From the digestive system: it can help regulate natural intestinal processes, reduce inflammation and is astringent.
  2. From the excretory system: it has diuretic properties.
  3. From the respiratory system: it can serve to drain the mucus that lodges in the respiratory tract, especially in the upper level.
  4. Of the circulatory system: it is capable of treating anemias known as chlorosis).
  5. From the reproductive system: of greater reach in the female system to help with gynecological infections.
  6. On the skin: it helps to treat and keep clean the areas of the skin that are affected by burns, rashes, eczema and is even useful in the case of hemorrhoids.

Another benefit not associated with the treatment and control of a disease has to do with the depurative action. Thanks to the use of white nettle flower tea, it is possible to detoxify the body.

What effects does white nettle produce?

White nettle does not have the hives-producing effects of normal nettle hairs, therefore its effects on human health are only positive. In the case of the common nettle, care must be taken because its villi do cause itching and inflammation of the skin area where it has touched.

How is white nettle prepared?

White nettle can be prepared in various ways depending on the goal you hope to achieve. Here we will tell you the most common.

White nettle infusion

It is the traditional method of consumption since it helps to improve the internal conditions of the organism when any of the problems mentioned above are present.The infusion is prepared with the dried flowers, adding them to a cup of water that is very hot (just brought to a boil).

Nettle infusion (250g), 100% natural, cut

The ideal amount of nettle is one tablespoon per cup of water. This must be left to rest for about 5 minutes to complete the process. Afterwards, it is strained and drunk like a normal tea. It is possible to consume 2 or 3 times a day as needed.

Prepared for vaginal baths

In the event that you need to treat vaginal infections or leucorrhoea with white nettle, the procedure will be similar to the previous one.Bring a liter of water to a boil and when it starts boiling, turn it off.

Add a handful of dried and crushed white nettle flowers and leave covered for 5 minutes.Strain and use for vaginal baths when it reaches an appropriate temperature.

prepared for pain

It is a preparation that is used above all to treat pain in the foot area. The idea is to boil a handful of nettle leaves in a liter of water over low heat for about two hours.

Biojoy BIO nettle leaves – Urtica dioica, 250 gr.

When this time passes, let it rest so that the mixture macerates and cools. The way to apply is with a gauze, making compresses on the affected area.

What does the white nettle plant look like?

The white nettle plant looks like a low plant, with a more or less common structure where the most remarkable feature is the hairs that cover it.

At the time of harvesting, it is very important to pay attention to how the flowers look, since they will only be useful for medicinal purposes when they are picked before opening.

Another very important detail is that there should be no humidity in the environment to avoid harming the flowers that are going to be selected.

Therefore, it is best to do it in the middle of the morning, after the characteristic dew has passed. It must also be taken into account that the harvesting process must be done by hand, a job that hardly requires effort because its stems are easy to break.

After harvesting, the flowers must be put to dry in a space prepared for this purpose. This process will cause them to change their shape and flavor.

What does the white nettle plant cure?

White nettle has properties that help counteract the symptoms of different pathologies on the body.

However, it is responsible to say that any health problem must be diagnosed by a specialist doctor to advance with a successful treatment.

The different preparations of white nettle have helped for years with these health problems applied therapeutically. These include, above all, those associated with the digestive system and skin lesions.

White nettle flowers should be stored in a dry space, away from any type of moisture and, preferably, in disinfected containers or bags.

Thanks to this process it is possible to use them at the time you prefer to make useful infusions for all the health problems mentioned above.

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