Ideas and plants for Father’s Day

It is his day and, regardless of age, celebrate it in a way to remind him how important he is in our lives. And, if our father is a garden lover, there is no doubt that it is almost essential to know ideas and plants for Father’s Day. A way to find inspiration to have with him a detail that says, in another way, how much we love him.

Whether this March 19 is lived in your house as a celebration or if it is simply something more restrained; having a detail with that man to whom we gave the title of father is always welcome. What’s more: even if he sings that classic paternal «I don’t want anything», a gift, however symbolic it may be, will make him immensely happy. And if, in addition, he is fond of gardening, we will be making him enjoy it even more.

Can’t think of what to give him? Take a look at our proposals!


One of the biggest complications when looking for gifts or plants for Father’s Day is surprising ours. As with any other gift, among gardening lovers there are as many tastes as there are people. And while we can guarantee success by giving her something we know she’s sure to love, this holiday season is also an opportunity to broaden her horizons when it comes to gardening.

Even if you are passionate about green plants, perhaps you can discover the exciting world of orchids. That’s why also wake up your imagination to think of different gifts! Something we want to help you with, with five completely different proposals.

1. A Gardenia bonsai, an original idea if you are looking for plants for Father’s Day

An original proposal if you are looking for different plants for Father’s Day. get it here

There are many good reasons to give a bonsai on Father’s Day. It is not only a plant whose philosophy encourages tranquility and relaxation. In addition and contrary to popular belief, it is easy to grow: it is enough to know how to care for indoor or outdoor bonsai to fully enjoy the unique beauty of these small-format trees.

And, although it is difficult to choose just one of the different types of bonsai that exist, opting for a special and different one can make this gift even more special.

2. A barbecue, a gift to enjoy with the family

Give this barbecue pack, which includes three cooking utensils and a bag of Verdecora charcoal

It is enough to mention the word barbecues for our mind to associate it with everything that it implies. It is a meeting with friends or family, it is synonymous with the spring and summer months but, above all, it implies enjoying the time without haste. A good reason to include it in our list of ideas for Father’s Day.

And no fear! Getting the point of this cooking system is much simpler than it seems. It is enough to know a few tricks to make a perfect barbecue, and put them into practice.

3. An organic wine, another way of interpreting a gift that is always right

A delicious and ecological alternative to plants for Father’s Day. Find it in our gift section

Wine is always a safe bet. It invites you to enjoy but also to share time while drinking. A compelling reason why it is one of the usual gifts on Father’s Day.

But let’s go one step further, because there is nothing like taking advantage of this important date to choose organic wine and discover the advantages of its consumption: a completely natural product that, in addition to being rich in antioxidants, has a positive impact on the world around us..

4. A dwarf fruit tree, one of the most special Father’s Day plants

A moderate-growing fruit tree that can even be grown on terraces, and is perfect for giving plants as gifts for Father’s Day. get it here

Fruit trees are, without a doubt, one of the plants for Father’s Day that cannot be missing from the idea proposal. However, when we do not have a garden and we consider how to grow fruit trees in pots, the dimensions that they can reach make us rule out enjoying them.

And no, there is no need to give up: just bet on dwarf fruit trees. Some that, beyond their reduced beauty, we can grow even in small spaces and that, like the large ones, also bear fruit.

5. An urban garden, ideal for parents who want to enjoy their own crops

An ideal bet to start in the garden. Learn about its features here

One last proposal intimately linked with plants for Father’s Day! Because even if we do not opt ​​for crops, giving an urban garden can be a true declaration of principles in itself. One way to promote garden-loving dads to start in the world of the garden and to demolish another myth: how to start an organic garden does not imply having a garden.

Do you already know what gifts or plants for Father’s Day are ideal for yours?

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