Indoor plants to have in the bathroom

For lovers of indoor plants, there are few corners of the house that are not likely to have the presence of these plants. It is a natural company capable of completely changing an environment or even putting a personal accent on the look of our home. But what happens when the best lit space in our house is the bathroom? Many believe that this means giving up having vegetables, and yet it is nothing more than a wonderful opportunity.

The world of indoor plants is huge, but it is no less so that of those that allow us to enjoy their natural life in a space as unique as the bathroom. And it is precisely this room in the house that has its own characteristics that make it ideal for having a good number of vegetables in it.

Remember that we are dealing with a space that, due to its humidity and temperature conditions, can be a real temple for growing indoor plants with relative simplicity. And it is that, curiously, the presence of plants in this room is one of the guidelines that mark the oriental philosophies of well-being such as Fen Shui.

An ancestral clue to the extent to which its presence in this space is not only not unreasonable but even recommendable.


The presence of plants in the bathroom will give this place a fresh and cheerful touch. It is a way of giving warmth to one of the great forgotten and wrong spaces, since this area of ​​the house can become a fantastic plant nursery. Not in vain, it is the ideal place to heal a root that has suffered, for example, due to a lack of irrigation during a vacation period or a night with low temperatures in the open.

So, if you want to decorate the bathroom with them, we invite you to discover five indoor plants that, with more or less light, will grow in this space without problems:

lucky bamboo

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Straight, spiral, in compositions… in the way we like best, the Lucky Bamboo is a root that has captivated the world in recent years. Perhaps because of its exotic touch or because of the ease of its care, it has become a common indoor plant in many homes. It is not very demanding in terms of light needs since it grows in shade, and it is an aquatic root that will only require a regular change of water to show off its impressive green leaves.

The only thing we will have to be careful about is the correct hygiene of the container in which we have it, although it will be enough to take advantage of each change of water to wash it thoroughly with soap.


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This is an ideal bulbous plant to plant outdoors but also to enjoy indoors. Although its growth time in nature is at the beginning of spring, indoors it is possible to force its flowering during more months of the year with the use of a hyacinth. The beauty and color of its flowers make it a perfect indoor plant to put a note of color in the bathroom, being able to choose from a huge range of shades, each one more striking.

Beyond the usual watering without flooding during the germination period, the hyacinth will be the least of our problems once it has flowered since we will have to stop watering while the flower lasts. Ideal to place near a window, even if it is small.


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These are the most resistant green plants and with the most followers due to the incredible ease of their cultivation and how easy it makes everything for us. For starters, it’s a vegetable that can live well in low sunlight, so even in a dimly lit bathroom, it’ll treat us to a steady stream of green leaves. On the other hand, we can enjoy it both in a normal or hanging pot or, little known, simply with the root in water.

In addition, it is one of the 5 purifying plants that will clean the air in your home, so its presence is more than recommended in a place where there are usually chemical products, both cleaning and cosmetic.


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It is the queen of flowering indoor plants and has an unsurpassed beauty that can perfectly set the mood for this well-lit part of the house. Regardless of the variety, the orchid finds in these places the best recreation of its natural habitat: heat and humidity. Which sets up a perfect tandem to enjoy its long flowering or simply to recreate waiting for that moment to come.

Contrary to what many people may think, orchid care in both summer and winter is much simpler than it seems; and they stick almost strictly to the watering and the light they receive. If we choose to place this plant in our bathroom, we will only have to control when to water it. To do this, be guided by the clues it gives: when its roots in the pot have a slight silver tone.


Enjoy this beautiful green plant in your home

Get to know this wonderful green and purifying plant up close so you can have it in the bathroom. In addition to demanding little light, it will only ask us to be constant with the irrigation, although the humidity of this space in the house will help in its maintenance. One of the blessings of this plant is that it is perfect, even for those who have little hand with them: if we get lost with watering, it will warn us by letting its leaves fall.

Another of its virtues is that we can count on the beauty of its white bracts. They are not flowers as such, and yet they are what they seem to the naked eye.

And you, which of these five indoor plants would you dare to have in the bathroom of your house? Tell us!

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