Misting irrigation system or Fog System: Complete guide

Good afternoon Agrohuerters, today as you can see in the title we are going to talk about another way of watering, it is irrigation by mist. This irrigation system is still little known, but it is really very useful and practical.

Fog system or nebulization irrigation

What is mist irrigation?

Misting irrigation, also known as the «Fog system», is a system by which water droplets are pulverized, that is, they become minute in size and can form a small mist that lasts a few seconds. These droplets are dispersed throughout the area and when they evaporate they make the environment cool and therefore the temperature of the area drops.

This technique is used above all in greenhouses, in the production of seedlings, cuttings and mushrooms. It is an irrigation that can remind us of sprinkling, but in the latter the drop is much larger and gets to wet the plants.

Types of misting irrigation

There are basically two types on the market:

Irrigation programmer in orchard on a terrace

Low pressure nebulizers

They are primarily for use in a small greenhouse, garden operating with minimal pressure required. They are indicated for flowerpots and small terraces in houses.

high pressure nebulizers

These are for professional use, the drops they emit are even finer. It is a system widely used in hotel terraces to cool the customer in summer and in highly technical and professional greenhouses.

How to install a misting irrigation

In general, it is installed like any other irrigation system, it requires a water tank or in this case, if it is installed at home, use the nearest water outlet. Small pipes and the nozzle or nebulization nozzle through which the drops come out and it is important to place a filter, which cleans impurities from the water, at the beginning of the circuit to avoid blockages. It can be placed at different heights and even perpendicular to the ground, on the wall.

To be able to install it you can buy a kit that comes prepared with all these materials to make it easier for you and in it they indicate the amounts of water according to the irrigation times. Or you can install it to your liking because all the components are sold separately, in this case it is good that depending on what you want they advise you in the same establishment. Since there are many devices and very diverse. This system can also be automated to make it more sophisticated and not be constantly aware of irrigation, although the disadvantage is that it will increase the price somewhat. It is recommended that the pipes are completely emptied between each use. and what better than to see a practical example of how it is installed.

Advantages of nebulization irrigation

  • They refresh the atmosphere. This system can even lower the temperature of the area by up to 10ºC.
  • The low pressure misting irrigation system is easy to install.
  • Like drip irrigation, it can be programmed.
  • It favors maintaining moisture in the substrate after irrigation.
  • It does not consume excessive energy during its use.
  • They help to clean the dust from the place. Which is ideal for seedlings especially.
  • They maintain the environmental humidity.
  • It can be automated, so it is a good ally for when we go on vacation.

Disadvantages of nebulization irrigation

  • If its use is abused or it is used with nebulizations too often, fungi can appear.
  • Its use is mostly recommended in interior spaces or well sheltered from the wind, because it takes away the small drops and therefore it would be improperly used.
  • Its use is not recommended in environments with high humidity, because it would be increasing it, and it would cause, as we have previously said, that the plants have fungi.
  • If you have this system in the flowerpot, using it with adult plants, it is advisable to do without this type of irrigation during the pollination season, because it reduces its chances. Which translates into a bad harvest.
  • It is advisable to use low-salt water, because the nozzle could be blocked from where the drops are generated.

As you have already seen, this mist irrigation system at the domestic level is very interesting, especially for the flowerpots that are on the terrace. It is very suitable for use in summer, so we can lower the temperature a little and prevent our plants from dying from the heat, and if you yourself spend a lot of time on the terrace you will also enjoy it a lot. Until next time Agrohuerters!

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