Let’s learn about the care of the Convalaria or Snake Beard

Convalaria also known as Convolaria or Serpent’s Beard . It is of the genus Ophiopogon and consists of about 60 species of perennial plants. The name is derived from the Greek «ophis» snake and «pogon» beard, most likely due to its leaves. It is native to Asia and belongs to the Liliaceae family.

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Characteristics of Convalaria

Rhizomatous plant about 10 to 20 cm high . The are lanceolate or linear leaves, green in color. The flowers develop in clusters, are small, bell-shaped and can be white, blue or lilac. Followed by porcelain blue fruits, the size of a pea. The tubers are edible. It blooms in summer.

Convalaria care

Species that are used as upholstery, in borders, rockeries and can be kept in pots, balconies, terraces or indoors.

It requires an exposure of semi-shade and medium temperature between 10 to 20˚C. In addition, it is a plant that is not able to tolerate frost, as it can cause significant damage.

The soil must be well drained, rich in humus, fresh and of a medium texture. It even tolerates any terrain up to the calcareous. Planting or transplanting is best when done in the spring.

Irrigation should be moderate, so the surface should be dried before putting water back on. Although it is not advisable for the earth to dry out completely, since it does not resist drought or excess water.

It does not require a lot of compost, it is only necessary to add a natural fertilizer on a monthly basis in late spring and mid-fall.

They are plants resistant to common garden pests and diseases. But you should be careful with root rot, which is caused by Pythium splendens that affects dwarf varieties.

It multiplies by means of seeds that are sown in the spring in the seedbed, or by division of the bush at the time of planting.

So it is a plant that could give that unique touch to the garden, so it could be considered as a great option. In addition, its care is easy and not complicated. What do you think? Do you like it? Did you know it? If so, tell us about your experience so that more people can be convinced of its great beauty and simplicity.

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