Magnolia flower: how to make your tree bloom

The Magnolia flower is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and most desired by gardening lovers. A perfectly logical passion if we take into account that, in addition to being extremely beautiful, it is an early flower capable of filling any space with life and joy, even when it is still cold. Despite the fact that Magnolia care is extremely simple, the question of why my Magnolia does not bloom is more than usual.

In addition to being a recurring doubt, the absence of flowers in Magnolias often generates frustration among those who grow them. A logical feeling, if we take into account that the Magnolia is also a slow-growing tree that takes a few years to reach up to 30 meters in height. Something that we must consider if we are impatient or if we have the urge to cover some space with nature, as happens when we consider fast-growing shrubs for fences.

And well: if we have waited for our tree to grow and, even so, we do not enjoy the Magnolia flower, what is happening? Let’s see in detail different reasons to correct them, and be able to contemplate one of the most beautiful blooms that exist.


The main reason for this widespread passion for the Magnolia flower is that it is one of the most complete, at all levels, in the plant world. It is not only attractive thanks to the unfolding of its spiral petals, which are also of a good size and have a feathery appearance. In addition and because the Magnolia has more than 150 species, it is possible to enjoy it in different colors that go from white to red, passing through pink or purple.

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If these details were not enough to make you fall madly in love with the Magnolia flower, there is one more that will end up conquering us: it is slightly scented. An aspect that, added to the previous ones, makes this flowering one of the most admired since time immemorial.

For all this, let’s see what may be happening to our tree so that it does not give flowers. And, above all, how to remedy it to enjoy the Magnolia flower.

1. Age, a fundamental detail

It is usually the most common answer when we ask ourselves why my plant does not bloom and it is also one of the main reasons why the Magnolia tree does not bloom. Remember that it is a slow-growing tree, so becoming a mature plant takes a little longer than any other tree.

When can we consider an adult Magnolia to bloom? It depends on the variety, but there are some that take up to 10 years to flower.

2. The variety and the climate, something that directly influences when we enjoy the Magnolia flower

We have identified the Magnolia flower as an early flower, which usually appears from the end of February. However, it should be known that this depends on the variety that we have planted. While there are some winter-blooming Magnolias, there are others like Magnolio grandiflora that bloom once spring is well under way.

It is not the only thing to consider when it comes to the variety of Magnolia. One aspect that directly affects when it blooms is also whether the chosen variety is suitable for our climate. Although it is extremely resistant to cold, it can play tricks on us as we will see later.

3. The location of the magnolia, another crucial aspect in flowering

A Magnolia that is not comfortable in the planting location will not die, but will let us know by not creating flowers. Although it is a tree that grows without problems in the shade, in order to flower properly it needs to receive a good dose of light. What’s more: in cold climates, it can be planted even in full sun.

In this case, the solution must be applied when the tree is still small and supports a change of location. Be careful: doing so creates so-called stress in the plants, so probably the following year our Magnolia will continue without blooming. Patience: you just need to recover to get it.

4. Frost, a weather factor that affects the buds of the Magnolia flower

Magnolia flower buds are the weakest and most delicate part when it comes to cold. That is why both repeated and late frosts, those that surprise us in the middle of spring, can ruin the buds, preventing flowering.

5. The type of soil and its nutrients, something we must watch

Another of the usual reasons that responds to why a Magnolia does not bloom. We are talking about a tree that needs a slightly acidic substrate, with good drainage and rich in nutrients. A trio of aces to ensure both its health and to promote flowering.

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Beyond checking if it has a pH level between 5.5 and 6.5, it is advisable to apply an organic amendment around the trunk of the tree to renew the minerals and nutrients that it needs.

6. Pruning, a task that we must know thoroughly

And we are not talking about knowing tips for pruningplants correctly. We refer, above all, to knowing the plant times of this tree to prevent this routine task from depriving us of the enjoyment of the Magnolia flower.

It is important to know that, at the beginning of autumn, the Magnolia creates the flower buds that will open in the following months. Therefore, late pruning or even too aggressive pruning will delay flowering. And it is logical: our tree will need time to recover and regain the strength it needs to create its flowers.

7. The autumn drought, the last aspect that influences its flowering

Something intimately linked with the moment in which it creates its flower buds. The Magnolia is a tree with high hydration needs that increase at the time of bud formation. If it is deprived of irrigation during the fall, it will not be able to form them since it will use the water it receives to survive.

How to reverse this situation? Simple: watering our Magnolia if we observe that this season prior to the cold does not register abundant rains.

And yes: it is worth analyzing what is the reason why we are deprived of the Magnolia flower. Because only by finding out what our tree needs can we enjoy the spectacle of color and beauty that it entails.

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