Marijuana Cuttings: [Associations, Best Time and Planting]

Experienced marijuana growers know that cuttings are the safest way to multiply a plant with excellent characteristics.

The reason is that a cutting contains all the genetic information of its mother and replicates it in the new copy.

This is a reality that cannot always be achieved with seeds, even if they are certified. Of course, it implies a process for you to obtain the desired results and we will talk about it below. So don’t miss it.

With what other plants or trees can we graft marijuana?

Marijuana grafts are widely used but not with other species, but with varieties of cannabis itself. Thanks to this method it is possible to obtain plants with very different characteristics.

What is the best time to plant marijuana cuttings?

Marijuana cuttings are usually taken between the end of spring and the beginning of summer, while it is still in the vegetative phase.

How to get marijuana cuttings to root correctly?

As long as the cuttings are taken from a plant in a vegetative state, its rooting rate will be higher.

However, it is worth taking advantage of a rooting gel to make this process go even better. So after you have the cutting ready, dip it in the gel and remove the leaves from the bottom.

The cuttings only need the upper leaves and in a small quantity to get them to carry out the photosynthesis process.

If there are many, what could happen is that they perspire a lot and it is difficult for them to retain moisture for root development. Place the cutting in the substrate ensuring that it is firm.

For marijuana cuttings to flourish as you would like, they need to have a very humid environment, since they also absorb water through their roots.

At the same time, they need light support of at least 16 hours a day, so you will have to support yourself with a halogen lamp, for example, to give it enough light.

They are not particularly demanding of irrigation, but you will have to spray the leaves if you notice that the humidity of the environment is not being enough.Ideally, you should check the cuttings daily to check that everything is going well.

How should we take the marijuana cuttings to plant them?

Marijuana is a plant that accepts cuttings taken in two phases of its development: in vegetative phase and during flowering.

It is best to take advantage of the vegetative phase because the cuttings taken during it tend to develop faster than those taken after flowering.

Now, the problem here is that you will not have clear knowledge of how the plant will behave later on.

Therefore, the most profitable technique is to take cuttings from plants in the vegetative phase, identify them and after flowering decide which one to keep.To select the cutting follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Locate a branch that is healthy from the bottom of the plant, since these are the ones that have the least production (so you do not affect flowering).
  2. Verify that it has at least two knots and proceed to apply the cut with a sharp tool that makes it in a single movement, so there is no abuse to the structure. The cut must go at 45º more or less and below the second knot.

How long should we leave marijuana cuttings in water?

Marijuana cuttings can be worked in water when you don’t have rooting gel (keep in mind that they work better with this product).

To do this, submerge them in a container with water as soon as you have made the cut and thus prevent it from losing hydration.

You must be careful that no leaf is submerged in the water or it could cause rot, so remove them before leaving only the top 2 or 3. If everything goes well, in about 15 days you could be seeing the first roots.

Is it convenient to use fertilizer or compost?

In this case, it is not useful or convenient to use fertilizers or homemade organic matter such as compost because they do not need it and it can affect the development of the cutting in some way.

How long does it take for a marijuana cutting to sprout?

Marijuana cuttings take an average of 15 days to develop their first roots, but these are still too delicate to withstand transplantation.

For this reason, it is advisable to wait up to another month to proceed to change them to a pot and thus ensure that the whole process continues well.

If you have several marijuana cuttings developing at the same time, you should be on the lookout for rotting to remove them immediately.

Remember that these rots cause the appearance of mold that can be transferred to your other healthy cuttings. And that’s something nobody wants for their beautiful marijuana cuttings.

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