Natural Christmas Fir Care

It is the king of homes at this time, but it can also be the rest of the year! It is only necessary to know the care of the natural Christmas fir tree. The best way to enjoy the majesty of this tree, both in these important weeks and next Christmas. And you read that right: next Christmas. Because if we pay attention to the care of the natural Christmas fir, we can have a tree for a while. Of course: it will not grow or survive in the living room of our house for a long time. But if we have a good-sized terrace or a garden, we will only have to take care of it minimally to see it grow.

With the arrival of these dates, in many homes the same question arises. We refer to how to choose the Christmas tree. A question that is not based on sizes or plant species, but rather on whether we opt for a natural Christmas tree or an artificial Christmas tree. For many why choosing an artificial Christmas tree has a quick answer. And, usually, it is due to an argument: you don’t die. However, many other families are faithful to the natural tree for many reasons. Something that is not exempt from that fear of not being able to see the fir tree prosper when the holidays are over.

For those who do not understand these annual celebrations without the presence of nature, nothing like knowing in depth the care of the natural Christmas fir. Some that vary according to the time of year, and that are as important now as in the months that separate us from next Christmas.


As with any other plant, the care of the natural Christmas fir is marked by its natural origins. Or, what is the same, for those places where it grows wild. That fir we use to decorate is still a tree. A living being with a habitat substantially different from the living room of our house, no matter how acclimatized it may be after its stay in the nursery.

A good part of the natural Christmas firs that we use to decorate these dates are different species of spruces or abies. Two genera of trees belonging to the conifer family, which usually grow naturally in cold forests. An aspect that decisively defines the care of the natural Christmas fir, both inside and outside the home.

But let’s go by steps, and find out what our fir demands at each moment.

1. Natural Christmas fir care, to be examined at the time of purchase

The care of the natural Christmas fir tree begins at the moment of its purchase. If our intention is to extend his life beyond this time, we will have to be careful when choosing him. The ideal is to opt for a tree with a good size container, and well rooted. Something fundamental, since only a tree with these characteristics will be able to prosper when we decide to transplant it.

We will only have to worry about the care of the natural Christmas fir if we choose a rooted fir like this one. Get it in our Verdecora online store

It is also important to take time to check the health of the natural Christmas fir at the time of purchase. Or, what is the same, thoroughly review their needles. A natural fir with them green is a healthy fir. However, if it has areas with brown needles, it may be weakened by excessive irrigation.

And, finally, an aspect that usually goes unnoticed: its smell. A healthy natural Christmas tree will have that characteristic aroma that, already in our home, will be the perfume of this time of year.

2. Natural Christmas tree care during the holidays

With our tree at home, it is time to take extreme care of the natural Christmas fir. As we said, its original habitat has nothing to do with the interior of a house. For this reason and with a view to ensuring his well-being, we will have to be especially aware of him. And we don’t just mean day-to-day. Rather, we have to be careful with our fir from the very moment of arrival at our house.

Let’s see, in a simple way, what aspects we have to consider to take care of our tree.

2A. Location, away from any heat source

Heat is one of the great enemies of natural Christmas fir. That’s why, when we get home with him, it’s time to plan with great care where he will spend the holidays. Something that forces us, yes or yes, to move it as far away as possible from radiators, fireplaces or any other source of heat. And that includes the lighting we use to decorate it. It’s time to forget about incandescent light bulbs since, even if we don’t realize it, they will be generating heat for our tree. To protect its unique leaves, there is nothing like betting on LED Christmas lights.

Gestures as simple as choosing LED lights is key in caring for the natural Christmas fir tree. Take care of yours with this cold lighting garland

The same does not happen with windows. Because, despite being a cool-loving plant, it also loves light. So, if we have a room with good lighting, our tree will appreciate it.

It is also important that it is located in a well-ventilated space.

2B. Humidity, fundamental in the care of natural Christmas fir

It is, perhaps, the most demanding aspect of caring for natural Christmas fir. The environments of the house in winter are usually extremely dry due to the use of heating. Something that works against our fir tree, which needs a good dose of environmental humidity. To help it survive the holidays, ideally, we should thoroughly spray its branches with fresh water. What’s more: it doesn’t hurt that we keep the heating at a comfort temperature without further excesses. The sum of both things will be well received by our fir tree.

And if the environmental humidity is key, it is no less the one that corresponds to irrigation. Natural fir requires a constantly moist substrate, without weighing it down and with good drainage. For these reasons, it is important to be rigorous with irrigation but avoiding waterlogging.

On this topic, be very careful. For convenience or ignorance of the care of the natural Christmas fir, we tend to put a plate under it for the remaining irrigation water. Something that we have to eradicate, since it can be harmful to our tree. Ideally, after each irrigation, we leave the plate for a few minutes and remove it.

2 C. Decorate just and carefully

Although the function of the natural Christmas fir is decorative, let’s not forget that it is a plant. A living being that can be harmed if we do not treat it with some care. For this reason, and although it usually goes unnoticed, among the care of the natural Christmas fir we must be very careful with the decoration. An excess of it can weigh too much, and damage your branches.

But not only that: we also have to be careful when placing the Christmas decorations on the tree. We have to do it without damaging the buds of the branches, or the top of the tree. This determines the growth of the fir tree, and it could be deformed if we are not careful when placing any decorations.

3. Christmas tree care after the holidays

With the holidays over and if our tree is in good condition, it’s time to find a better place for it. It is clear that the ideal is to plant it directly in the ground. However, sometimes we have nowhere to do it. If we do not have a garden, we can take it out to our terrace or balcony.

If we have a garden, it is clear that the perfect location for our tree is planted directly on the ground. A task that we cannot do lightly, but paying close attention to the place of planting. Fir trees demand well-draining soil with depth. They are given to rooting very deep, so we will have to check that there are no stones that can stop their growth.

How to plant our Christmas fir correctly

To transplant it correctly, we will have to make a hole of good dimensions that we will fill with water. Before planting, we will wait for it to disappear. This task will allow us to create a space with enough moisture for our fir to take root properly. In addition, you have to be careful with the type of soil. Ideally, it should be a mixture of organic substrate with sand or perlite.

Once we place the tree in its final place, it is important to take into account a couple of things. On the one hand, the depth at which the root ball should be. For our tree to grow properly, it will need to be two to three inches below ground level.

In addition to complying with the care of the natural Christmas fir tree, rooting is key at the time of transplanting. Discover the characteristics of this root stimulator

On the other hand, it is important to compact the soil well. In this way our fir tree will remain firm. Nor does it hurt to use a rooting agent. These types of products not only allow the roots to thicken to facilitate their grip. They are also key to keeping our tree healthier.

It is also essential to choose the planting location very well. The climate is a decisive factor in the development of this type of trees. Something normal, considering that its place of origin is a forest. In the absence of this, we will have to plant it facing north and protected from direct sun.

And, once planted, it only remains to wait. To see that, between the care of the natural Christmas tree and nature itself, our tree thrives. A difficult task that, however, is not impossible.

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