AgroHuerto visits the PLANTA fair at the Palacio de Boadilla

Hello everyone! Last Saturday I was able to visit PLANTA Palacio de Boadilla, the International Horticulture and Gardening Fair that held its first edition from April 23 to 26 at the Palacio del Infante Don Luis de Boadilla del Monte, in the Community of Madrid. Let’s see what was over there!


Some of the exhibitors at PLANTA 2015 were:

Gardens that eat

This company is dedicated to productive gardening and edible landscaping, its purpose is to ensure that gardens stop being just for decoration and become orchards that give leaves, fruits, flowers… mixing with orchards achieving a beautiful, harmonious and low maintenance.

They are dedicated to converting green areas into small edible forests with a use beyond the purely ornamental.

In addition, they are also dedicated to producing trays of sprouts for fresh cutting, especially sunflower, arugula, peas, pink radishes, mustard, watercress… Although you can ask them for your favorite mix!

However, what was really on display at the fair were their «planters» or «growing boxes», growing containers made of recycled materials, such as pallets or metal boxes, which they prepare with some crop and which are really interesting as «decoration». productive» at home, because instead of having a conventional pot you have a recycled container with a really attractive vintage touch and a strawberry plant instead of a purely ornamental plant.

The «planters» or «grow boxes» of «Gardens that eat»

Mirasierra Bonsai Cultural Association

The Mirasierra Bonsai Cultural Association delighted us with a wonderful bonsai exhibition, as well as different workshops such as «How to create a Kusamono: Small plants of delicate beauty for bonsai», «Lose fear of bonsai» or «How to create a bonsai» ! really interesting!

Here you have the bonsai exhibition… They were beautiful!

cool walls

A company dedicated to vertical gardens…synthetic! For those who don’t have a good hand with plants but want to enjoy their beauty… Of course they don’t have the same benefits as a natural vertical garden but they don’t require any type of maintenance and… they hit the spot!

Cool wall…although it’s really not that cool…because it’s artificial!

Grandpa’s garden

Nursery, nursery and point of sale with more than 30 years of experience in the sector. They bet on the “cultivation hobby” or self-cultivation for pleasure. In addition to selling products for the orchard or garden, in «Grandpa’s orchard» they help you create your own orchard: how and when to plant, measurements of your orchard or flowerbed, recommendations, nutritional values ​​of the products… Everything you need to become an expert.

“El Huerta del Abuelo” stand with a wide variety of seedlings and seeds for sale

AEP: Spanish Association of Landscapers

During the visit we came across the stand of the Spanish Association of Landscapers, where a colleague, an Agricultural Technical Engineer, explained that, unlike in the rest of Europe, this profession is not officially recognized in Spain. From the association they claim this recognition since the role of the landscaper as a professional is totally necessary in our society, and it will be even more so in the future, when green cities (hopefully) are a reality.

Organic Products «La Candela»

An organic products store located at Calle José Antonio, 39 in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid). They also have their own blog where they talk about food and organic farming. At the fair, in addition to their stand where their products could be purchased, they held a workshop entitled «From the garden to the table» and a Show-Cooking for parents and children.

The “small store” at the La Candela Organic Products fair

Zinc White

Blanco de Zinc is a creative workshop undertaken by two sisters in love with the world of art and crafts. They make vintage-style furniture with recycled wood and teach very interesting courses on recycling.

Innova Garden

This company located in Madrid and dedicated to the creation of all kinds of landscapes, showed us a beautiful vertical garden whose components were 100% biological, since they use Sphagnum moss as a substrate, which provides a continuous supply of organic matter to plants and it only needs irrigation water for its maintenance.

The vertical garden of Innova garden – Deco plant created by the landscaper Daniel Ramas Marchesi

Music of the Plants

Throughout the visit we were able to enjoy the recital of these vegetables. This musical instrument consists of a patented technology that transforms the biorhythms of plants and trees into a musical work to listen to, but also with which you can interact. A new way to get in touch with nature.

The Green Community

The Green Community is a meeting forum for gardening, the green sector and the associations that comprise it. Its fundamental objective is the promotion of green culture in Spain and encourage the development of «GreenCities». Their representative at the fair told us that one of the initiatives they carry out for this is «Parking Day», which consists of occupying a parking space for a day with a garden, orchard or green area, which should be occupied by a car I think it’s a great idea! As he commented, this year 25 parking spaces had been reserved in Madrid for «Parking Day» whose main theme will be school gardens. I’m sure Agrohuerto won’t miss out on this hilarious event!

Stand of the Green Community

Other exhibitors

The Association of Friends of the Palacio de Boadilla, a company from Malaga that offered a wide variety of colored cacti and other succulent plants, Viveros Gutiérrez, a company dedicated to the construction of cultivation containers and wooden birdhouses or ZE de Renault with their electric cars, among others, they complemented the offer of the fair. In addition, other companies and associations collaborated by giving workshops or conferences, such as PRONATUR or Editorial Planeta.


On one of the sides of the Palace garden we were able to enjoy a series of works of art created by landscapers and inspired by nature, but above all in orchards. Here I leave the photos for you to enjoy too.

Zen garden by García Moreno Land classification. Work of the landscaper Jorge Alonso Sanjurjo
«A garden to meet» designed by Liquen Paisajismo
«Orchard for Alembic with recycled materials» design by Liquen Paisajismo
“Wellington Hotel Garden”
by landscapers Zoa Martínez Salamero, Rocío Rengifo Abbad and Teresa Vicente Franqueira from the Spanish Association of Graduates in Landscaping (AEGEP)
“Relax Garden” by Zoa Martínez Salamero, Rocío Rengifo Abbad and Teresa Vicente Franqueira
“Jardín Barceló” also created by the landscapers who were the authors of the previous works
“Waterfall Font” by MadInOut Design

I hope you have enjoyed this virtual tour of the “PLANTA Palacio de Boadilla” fair 2015. Do not miss the next editions. Until next time!

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