Natural Christmas flower bouquets

Christmas is probably the time of year when we take the most care of decorating our home. We want to celebrate the dates with care and without skimping on details that turn our space into a different one, even if it’s only for a couple of weeks. For this reason, bouquets of natural Christmas flowers cannot be missing from our decoration. Some exceptional allies to decorate tables, living rooms or halls of our house.

Having fresh flowers at home is always synonymous with joy and beauty. Although we usually ask ourselves why give flowers at any time, it is worth thinking about giving ourselves flowers to dress up our house. If any time of the year is perfect for it, Christmas is even more so. Including fresh flowers in our house is as important as knowing how to decorate the Christmas tree or looking for original ideas to give our table a completely different look.

So let’s see ideas of bouquets of natural Christmas flowers. Some proposals that will round off any decoration, whatever its style.


The choice of bouquets of natural Christmas flowers does not only depend on our personal tastes. It also depends on the style of decoration that we have in our house at this time of the year. And, although it is true that a bouquet always embellishes any space, choosing it in the same line of colors or personality of our home can make its presence even more impressive.

So let’s see six proposals of six very different styles and in well-differentiated colors. A range of compositions in which it will be difficult to choose just one.

1. Winter Charm, an exceptionally special bouquet of natural flowers

A proposal as delicate as it is elegant. Order this beautiful Christmas bouquet

An extremely attractive and ideal composition to decorate Christmas. The inspiration for this bouquet is precisely all those sensations typical of this time of year. Christmas pleasures as simple as wandering through the markets, enjoying a hot cup in your hands or complying with those traditions typical of this time that accentuate the most endearing time of the year.

To awaken all those sensations, this bouquet has an exquisite selection of fresh flowers. White roses and maroon Skimmia are accompanied by the delicacy of red eucalyptus and the incredible texture of Senecio. A set that is rounded off with one last detail: the pineapples.

2. Northern Lights, ideal for adding a romantic touch to any space

An ideal bouquet for lovers of pastel tones. get him here

A proposal that captures in its colors one of the most beautiful natural spectacles that exist: the northern lights. According to Sami mythology, this spectacular manifestation of the night sky in Lapland is magically responsible: a fox that, hitting the snow-covered hills with its tail, makes sparks fly that can reach the very sky.

This Nordic legend is the inspiration for one of our most romantic Christmas bouquets. Pink Roses, Wax Flower, Fuchsia Veronica and Purple Limonium accompany Eucalyptus, Tanacetum berry, Ammi Majus and Pistacia for a perfect ensemble. But one spectacular detail is missing to finish off the composition: two white Brassicas.

3. Secret Hygge, an ideal bouquet for bohemian spaces

Delicious and eye-catching: a tandem that is difficult to resist. order this bouquet

That the term hygge does not sound familiar to us is perfectly logical. In fact, only in Denmark, considered the happiest country in the world, does this word have a meaning: the little things that make us happy and add warmth to our daily lives. And it’s not just a word: hygge is, in itself, a philosophy of life.

Being able to capture that happiness is the objective of this bouquet of natural flowers, ideal for lovers of the bohemian style. A look that is achieved thanks to the Astilbe in two tones, white carnations, wax flower and Queen protea, a flower as spectacular as it is striking. Pistacia, Bruna and purple Eryngium complete an attractive set.

4. Venetian Mask, for fans of the color red

The perfect bouquet of flowers to add color to any space. Find out in detail here

To mention Venice is to be transported to a city that, for many centuries, dresses in mystery when night falls. A city that is not only bathed in the charm of the waters that characterize it, but also in the early mornings in which jugglers, musicians and acrobats fill the streets with light and color.

Among all those tones that dress the city, there is one characteristic: red. One that, in addition, is the protagonist of this bouquet thanks to the Gerbera and the red Hypericum. Two flowers that accompany Senecio, eucalyptus, Limonium and white carnation.

5. Icy Bliss, for lovers of decoration in white tones

A charming and Nordic-inspired bouquet. Take a look at our online florist Verdecora

Iceland is, without a doubt, one of the most unique countries around us. A country that, despite appearances, combines an extremely diverse landscape. It not only has glaciers or snowy mountains. To those elements that we could imagine are added other lesser known, such as its characteristic green plateaus or its volcanoes. A land full of opposites as unknown as seductive.

Recreating that magical land this composition is born. One in which white Gerberas, carnations, Tanacetum and white Lisianthus reflect that characteristic white of one of Europe’s Nordic beauties.

6. Golden Gloss, one of the perfect bouquets of natural Christmas flowers for lovers of the traditional colors of this season

A super original composition to enjoy these dates. get it here

We set ourselves a challenge: what would it be like to capture in a bouquet of flowers the magic of the lights that turn city streets into different ones at Christmas? Well, with a bouquet like this! One capable of condensing, between its stems, that unique atmosphere typical of this time of year.

Achieving it is possible thanks to the combination of red Amaryllis and Illex with an extremely attractive element: the golden eucalyptus. A set to which green stems of Magnolia and Trachelium jade put an accent. Simply great!

Six bouquets of natural Christmas flowers ideal for six different styles. Which one would you choose for your home? Hard to choose just one!

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