How to Germinate the Avocado Stone

The avocado tree arises from the germination of its bone, which is the large and hard seed that we find inside it.

These do not have as effective a germination rate as we would like, so you should prepare several to work with, preferably at the same time.

This will ensure that you will have at least one plant for your garden, or several to select the one that you see with the best characteristics.

And since it is a process, here we will tell you all the information you need to know so that you do wonderfully in this new challenge. Let’s go ahead?

How is the avocado seed planted?

The first thing to plant an avocado seed is to ensure that it has the appropriate climate, which must be tropical.

This implies that it is mostly warm during the year, since it does not resist very cold winters and even less frost.

In the Mediterranean climate it has managed to adapt very well, as long as the optimal humidity conditions are taken care of.The seed must be kept clean of any remaining pulp, carrying out this process with patience and gentleness.

After you have the seed you will then have to execute the following steps:

  1. Prepare a glass of water that is transparent to see the changes that occur in the seed.
  2. Locate the widest part of the seed that will be the one that you will have to submerge in the water.
  3. In the upper part, bury three toothpicks in a Y-shape so that they offer the necessary support to the bone and it does not sink.
  4. Allow the bottom of the bone to sink to about half the height of the bone.

You will have to place this glass in a cool place, with non-direct lighting and with a relative level of humidity.The most important care here is related to the water, which you will have to change as it looks dirty.

The changes you will start to notice have to do with the appearance of the roots at the bottom and the cracking of the bone at the top. The first stem that sticks out isn’t the one you’ll need for a thriving plant, so cut it off when it’s about 8 inches long.

Wait a few more days until it has grown again and the exciting time has come to plant your avocado seed.

When is the avocado seed planted?

The seed is planted after the stem has managed to develop a second time.

You will then have to remove the germinated seed from the water and remove the sticks that had served as a support.

In the first instance, you will plant the seed in a pot that is large enough to house it comfortably.

The universal substrate will be more than enough for this part of the process to be successful. If you have available, a contribution of earthworm humus will come in handy.

However, you must execute the planting carefully because the space is limited and you need to cover the roots, but at the same time allow the stem to protrude.

This means that the seed must be left with the top half uncovered. Water with enough water and place it in a space where it receives sunlight daily, is ventilated and has a pleasant climate.

What contraindications does the avocado seed have?

When cleaning the avocado seed, you must be very careful to remove only the remains of the fruit and not the light and thin skin of the stone.

Now, in terms of consumption, the avocado seed is not suitable for living beings to eat because it has a series of toxins in its composition.

In the event that any part of it is eaten, symptoms such as fever, vomiting and diarrhea could be experienced.

How to germinate avocado seeds fast?

The method of submerging the seed in water is the one that offers the best results, but wrapping it in paper is also a method that is worth knowing. The idea is to have the seed clean, as in the first case, and then wrap it in a sheet of absorbent paper that is moistened with running water.

It is important that the sheet of absorbent paper is moist, but not dripping. Put the seed wrapped in the paper in a transparent plastic bag and leave it open at the corresponding end so that the air can flow.

Leave the seed in a space that has good general humidity and where sunlight does not penetrate.Every two days you have to check the seed to make sure the paper is moist.

If you notice it a little dry, moisten it by spraying water with a sprinkler, impregnate the sheet well, but without leaving it waterlogged. After several days the seed will begin to change, opening and showing the first rootlets that are very delicate.

Allow some more time to pass until the first shoot emerges. Keep in mind that the seed must open by its own nature, without intervention on your part.

When you have the small roots and the sprout ready, you can go on to plant it in a pot where you will develop it normally.

How long does it take to grow an avocado pit?

The bone germination process takes approximately 4 to 5 weeks.Later, its development and growth phase takes about 3 years, which is when it begins to generate its first flowers.

By the time you finally see your first fruits come out, you will have to wait up to 5 years. However, do not take these periods as something strict but rather indicative, since each case is different.

Germinating the pit of an avocado does not have to become complex if you are able to follow all the recommendations that we gave you here.

Even so, remember not to put all your hopes in one piece, but to take advantage of the procedure with several at the same time. That will make your path much easier and if you are a beginner and make a mistake, you will have the opportunity to solve it. So cheer up!

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