Nilfisk Core 140 Reviews

Main advantage:

It is one of the few machines that includes a system to regulate the output power in the handle, thus adjusting the pressure to what is necessary to clean at all times with comfort.

Main disadvantage:

In the event that you need to contact customer service for any incident, this may be somewhat more complicated than you would like.

Verdict: 9.7/10

A solution with extra power, compared to conventional models, and that is ideal for working more comfortably in all types of environments. An approach typical of the best current pressure washer.

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Main Features Explained

machine engine

When it comes to a pressure washer, the motor is a key element in its operation. In this Nilfisk model, we find one with an electrical power of 1,800 watts, which is at the forefront of the market for this parameter. The result is that this pressure washer works at pressures of up to 140 bar.

Best of all, the equipment includes an adjustable selector in the lance area, which is not common in these pressure washers. A detail that makes it easier to decide the output mode, according to what the area to be cleaned needs. An aspect that saves water and energy when you do not have to clean particularly intensive dirt. Nor can we forget the highly durable metal pump, which generates efficient results, while increasing the useful life of the machine.

comfort of use

Another remarkable aspect of this model is its ease of use. This begins with its design, which has a compact format that fits anywhere. It’s also lightweight and includes two wheels on its base, so taking the machine to where it needs to be cleaned is no problem.

Neither is the scope of the tool. Something for which this pressure washer has a 5 meter long cable and an 8 meter hose with an approximate range of 13 meters in total from the plug point. The hose easily wraps around the kit, where every accessory has its place. Ideal to maintain order and not lose anything when it comes to cleaning what you want.

Pressure washer accessories

To finish off this analysis, we couldn’t stop taking a look at the accessories that come with this machine. Among them, we have the gun and the spear, which are essential when cleaning. The latter includes the power regulation system that we have mentioned, which arouses numerous positive opinions among users.

There are also two nozzles, one in high pressure mode and another turbo type, for faster cleaning. These fit well in the tip, so that the cleaning work is efficient. Finally, we also find the filter for the water inlet, which prevents possible impurities from entering the machine and being expelled through the hose. A very adequate offer considering the price of the machine.

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