Opinions about Hunter Eco Logic

Main advantage:

The compatibility of this product with different climate and rain sensors makes its operation more complete and efficient. This is quite a useful quality that can maximize the programmer’s performance.

Main disadvantage:

The letters in the legend to guide you through all the functions of this product are quite small, so this may be a problem for older people who have trouble reading tiny-sized letters.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Small and quite practical, this programmer can be adapted to other sensors for better operation and, in addition to that, it is possible to install it indoors so that it is protected against anything.

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Main Features Explained


It is difficult to choose the best irrigation programmer, however, this product with an affordable price and a practical design is one of the most outstanding in the market. The operation is intuitive so that you can make the configurations in a short time.

With the Quick-Check option you can access its two independent programs to configure them manually and select the one you need. These programs have 4 start times for each one. In addition to that, this programmer works with 4 different stations and in each of them you can enjoy 4 hours of maximum irrigation time. With the annual calendar you can improve its operation and adjust its start in advance. In addition to that, this product has a seasonal adjustment that has up to 150% compatibility to adapt and provide optimized performance at all times. The appliance can have a programmable rain delay that can go from 1 to 7 days.

Better performance, moreover, can be achieved by adding other products to work as complements together with the irrigation programmer. One of them, for example, is the weather sensor, but it is also compatible with rain sensors. The data recorded in these sensors will facilitate the operation of the programmer, since it will adapt to this new information.

× >Design

Irrigation controllers are not usually sought-after products due to their design, however, Hunter has taken care of the appearance of this model and has given it a quite striking structure that combines white with different shades of blue between the top and the buttons. It has dimensions of 12.6 cm in height and width, with 3.2 cm in depth.

This product has 6 fairly soft front buttons so you don’t have to apply excessive pressure. Two of them are arrows to be able to choose the options, one more, another less, another programs and finally a button to return to the product menu. All the changes you make can be verified on the central screen that the programmer has.

The options are quite clear so that you don’t have any difficulties when making the necessary adjustments, since around the screen you will find arrows indicating exactly what each option you find means. The current time, the time to start irrigation, the duration of each program, the days, the adjustment by season and the system shutdown. This little legend makes the process of use quite simple. At the bottom, you can also find the days of the week so you can set up your watering routine with more organization.

Security and installation

This small programmer has positive opinions due to its high quality. For its installation, it comes with a protection box that will facilitate wall mounting, as it will protect your electrical system from any short circuit. The electrical specifications for this product are 230VAC 50/60Hz transformer input, 0.625A transformer output, 0.28A station output, and 0.28A pump output. greater security, it is necessary to know this data and make a proper installation.

The protection against circuit breakers is automatic, however, that does not mean that it is not necessary to carry out a check to ensure that everything is properly installed, protected and working correctly. For the latter, the device has included a test and diagnostic program. When this program is activated, the product makes fast and efficient checks to the system to make sure that everything is working with optimal performance.

Its dimensions are small and the product is light, therefore, the installation will be simple and quite fast, although, if you have problems, it never hurts to contact a professional. The assembly can be done inside your home, therefore, its durability may be greater, since the programmer will be much more protected if it is not outdoors.

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