Original flower bouquets for Valentine’s Day

The most romantic day of the year is approaching and, inevitably, it is time to discover original flower bouquets for Valentine’s Day. A way to share our feelings and to use the language of flowers to convey them without saying a single word. Because that silent and invisible language is, precisely, one of the reasons to give flowers on Valentine’s Day. Flowers make you feel and smile. Two compelling reasons not to give up having a special detail with that person we love.

Despite popular belief, the origin of Valentine ‘s Day is an ancient tradition. You have to go back no less than the third century AD to understand how this custom of giving flowers on a given day was born. And not only that: the celebration of the day of love is not only given in the western world. In countries that are culturally distant from us, such as Japan or Saudi Arabia, love is also commemorated with flowers; understood both as a couple and towards people that we simply want in our lives.

Wherever it comes from, February 14 is one of those dates etched in stone for lovers. And, just for that, having original flower bouquet ideas for Valentine’s Day is crucial to surprise the person we love. An elegant and beautiful way to remind him one more day how important he is to us.


Continuing with the language of flowers, there is one that is the quintessential symbol of love: the rose. A flower present in any proposal of original flower bouquets for Valentine’s Day due to its incredible connotations and meanings. Due to its importance and weight, it is also the main flower in our collection of bouquets for lovers. And not only in its most classic version for this day. Also raised in different ways for those who seek to say «I love you» in another way. Because let’s not fool ourselves: sharing that message is, above all things, the objective of any of these flower bouquets.

Discover our ideas of original flower bouquets for Valentine’s Day from two points of view. On the one hand, knowing the composition of flowers that are part of each of them. On the other, also falling in love with the reason in which they are inspired. Because, beyond the pure flowers, giving these emotions is also part of the surprise.

1. Classic Blue®, one of the most surprising original bouquets for Valentine’s Day

One of the original bouquets of flowers for Valentine’s Day that combines the classic rose with the trend color of 2020. Get to know it here

An ideal proposal for those who bet on original flower bouquets for Valentine’s Day. This bouquet, inspired by the Pantone ® trend color for 2020, combines two essential elements for any February 14th. It doesn’t just feature roses. In addition, its vibrant blue color is a true statement of intent. In the language of flowers, the blue rose is a symbol of trust. An essential value in any relationship.

The incredible beauty of this intense blue rose is accompanied by white carnations, natural oats and an ear of white wheat. A set marked by the most genuine elegance and sophistication.

2. Lover’s Heart, a bouquet for lovers of tradition

A composition in which pitiminí roses are the protagonists. Get it in our online florist

The essential bouquet for any February 14. What makes these original flower bouquets for Valentine’s Day completely different is the type of flower. And it is that, for this composition, our artisan florists have chosen the pitiminí rose. One of the considered old roses, slightly smaller but much more abundant in bloom.

But let’s not stop at appearances, but rather what inspires this beautiful composition. And it is that, even today, it is a real mystery for science to understand some of the effects that love causes in our organism. Beyond the obvious, a curiosity: the heart of a person in love matches her heartbeat with that of the person she loves. An enigma that has not yet been explained.

3. Sweet Kiss, one of the sweetest bouquets for Valentine’s Day

A perfect bouquet for pink lovers. Know here all its composition

It would be impossible to list the types of kisses that exist, and even more complicated to choose just one. However, our florists have dared to do so. Gustav Klimt’s famous «The Kiss» is the inspiration for this bouquet. A painting that, beyond its beauty and superb artistic execution, captures in an incredible way the tenderness of a unique kiss. An iconic image to which we pay tribute with this proposal of our original flower bouquets for Valentine’s Day.

For this composition of delicate aesthetics and striking colors, pink pitiminí roses, fuchsia tulips and alstromerias have been chosen. A combination as precious as it is perfect to give on February 14.

4. Eternal Fire, a composition for those who bet on passion

One of the original flower bouquets for Valentine’s Day that transmits passion in the choice of its flowers. See more pictures of him here

And we continue with the mysteries, because one of them inspires this bouquet that emulates the quintessential symbol of passion: fire. But not just any, but rather that of an eternal fire that burns without explanation in a natural park near the Big Apple. As if this image were not evocative, we must add one more attraction: this enigmatic flame is protected by a huge waterfall.

To recreate that secret that is still nature’s today, our bouquet includes roses, myrtle and red gerberas. Some perfect flowers to capture passion.

5. Cupid’s Touch, a bouquet that goes straight to the heart

A bouquet of roses that plays with a different presentation.

In the inspiration of our original flower bouquets for Valentine’s Day, he could not be missing. Cupid, the mischievous and capricious angel who played to fall in love with his arrows according to Roman mythology. A character who, curiously, would discover throughout his own history that love cannot exist without trust.

Beyond the composition, made up of nine red roses, the main feature of this bouquet is its presentation. And it is that, leaving aside the classic florist packaging, it is prepared in a paper bag with handles. Only available with this finish in physical store.

Which of our original bouquets for Valentine’s Day have you fallen in love with? Tell us!

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