Paradise Tree: [Planting, Care, Irrigation, Substrate and Pests]

The Tree of Paradise (Elaeagnus angustifolia) It needs very specific care to ensure that it prospers in the correct way, although it will not require much effort and time.

Are you looking for a tree that is beautiful and gives you shade to sit down and read a book?

Well, the Tree of Paradise is a good option

Important points when planting a Tree of Paradise

  • When? In spring days.
  • Where? Outdoors._ A place with abundant sunlight daily.
  • How do we prepare the land? It does not need any previous preparation since it is good on any type of terrain.
  • How should we water? By drip.
  • How often do you have to water? Rarely. Once a week is more than enough.
  • What pests and diseases do they have? It is generally only attacked by mealybugs.

Characteristics of the paradise tree

The Tree of Paradise is a tropical species that comes from the Asian continent and belongs to the deciduous family.

It has an average height of 15 meters, with a leafy crown that makes it ideal for producing good shade at your feet.

It blooms during spring and summer, with green leaves. During the autumn, the process of losing leaves happens, which first inks them yellow.

The flowers range from white to yellow, so they are very nice to see, providing a nice ornamental detail wherever it is planted.

It produces a small fruit that can ripen for the summer season and be consumed.

The only problem is that it contains a seed that is poisonous to humans. So you have to be very careful not to consume this part, especially in the case of children.

Where should we plant the tree of paradise?

It is a purely outdoor plant because its cycle is completed according to the seasons.

It also needs a lot of sunlight, so it will have to be kept in a space where it receives it at least for a good part of the day.

As it is usually planted a lot in gardens, it is advisable to keep the root at a distance greater than 5 meters from any construction.

In this way, problems with the movement of its roots and the loss of stability in the walls will be avoided.

When should the tree of paradise be cultivated?

It can be placed in seedbeds at any time of the year so that it germinates and gains strength.

But the transplant will have to be done in spring days, when there is already good sun and a suitable temperature for its growth.

In addition, this season will allow it to have the strength to withstand the winter, since although it faces frost, it is better that it is well established first.

How do we prepare the land?

The tree of paradise is an undemanding species in terms of nutrients and soil conditions, so it will not be necessary to make an effort in this task.

Cases of paradise trees have been seen growing unhindered in soil lacking in nutrients.

Either way, it’s always a good idea to add some organic matter. This is a measure that applies especially when sowing is accompanied by other species around.

How to plant a tree of paradise step by step?

  1. The planting of the tree of paradise will be more productive if it is carried out first in a pot to ensure that the roots develop in the correct way.
  2. The plantation of the tree of paradise will start from the seeds found in the fruits, which will be placed in a mixed substrate, with components such as sand and peat.
  3. It’s a good idea to apply some organic compost to the substrate to help it grow stronger and healthier.
  4. Well, in each pot the quantities of seeds that are convenient will be placed, being preferable no more than 3 because they germinate easily.
  5. The time that will pass before seeing the first outbreak will be about 15 days, but it is advisable to allow them to remain in the pot until the roots are more numerous and deeper.
  6. Later, it will be necessary to carry out the transplant, taking advantage of the good weather in spring.
  7. To achieve it well, it is very important not to mistreat the roots.
  8. This means that the hole that will open in the ground must be wide and deep enough for them to settle naturally.
  9. Later, you can water a little so that the soil compacts and press the turmoil with your fingers, without applying much force to this task.
  10. Due to its development conditions, the paradise tree can be used together with other species that need shade to grow.

What care does the tree of paradise need?


It is not very demanding in terms of humidity, so irrigation does not need to be taken into account daily. In fact, they are quite resistant to drought, so once a week will be more than enough.

If it is raining for days, it is not necessary to add more water.

the fertilizer

The fertilizer is not part of its requirements either, but if you want it to be healthy and grow very strongly, doing it in the first year of planting is a good idea.

For this, it is advisable to take advantage of the spring and summer season.


As for pruning, this should only focus on removing the branches that are very messy or dry, but let it grow normally for the rest.

The reason is that its main attraction is oriented to the shade that it is capable of generating and with pruning it will be lost.

What pests and diseases does it have?

Very few pests and diseases can attack the Tree of Paradise because it is truly resistant.

One of the most notorious cases is the cochineal, but if it is attacked with a good vegetable insecticide in time, they will not have major problems.

With the little care that the Tree of Paradise needs, it is more than logical that it becomes an ideal species for those who do not have so much time to dedicate to their gardens.

It’s also a good choice for community areas where you don’t have anyone dedicated to tending evergreen gardens.

How long does the tree of paradise live?

The tree of paradise gives a spectacular flowering, but it tends to live for a few years, approximately 35 years.

How long does it take for the tree of paradise to grow?

Before turning 10 years old, the tree of paradise should already be fully developed.

How long does it take to produce fruit?

The first flowers appear around the first 5 years and, from there, the fruits are produced.

It is possible, in certain cases, that this process is accelerated and production starts after 3 years.

Can it be grown in a pot?

Yes, it can be grown in a pot, as long as it is given the optimum space to develop its roots.

How many times does the tree of paradise produce fruit?

This is a species that flowers and produces fruit only once a year.

Should the tree of paradise be pollinated to obtain fruit?

Yes. Due to its spectacular flowers, the paradise tree is perfectly capable of being visited by insects that help its pollination.

How cold can the tree of paradise tolerate?

It is not resistant to cold. Temperatures below 10°C can already be harmful and a frost is intolerable.

How many trees of paradise can be planted per hectare?

This tree allows to have from 400 to 450 specimens for each hectare of land.

How much heat and/or drought can the tree of paradise tolerate?

It does well in warm environments and that is why it usually shows its dazzling flowers during the summer. Withstands up to 40° C.

It is also drought resistant.

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