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Good morning everyone, a few weeks ago we proposed from the possibility that you, fellow gardeners; You would send us your advice and experiences as we explained in the article HOW I PREPARE MY GARDEN: AGROHUERTO.COM WANTS YOUR ADVICE.From the page we continue to encourage you to write to us and to participate in our website not only with the readings but also with your advice and experiences.


Irrigation system in the garden of Jose Manuel

When we published the article DRIP IRRIGATION: WHAT IT IS, we were lucky enough to meet José Manuel who explained to us that he had carried out his own drip irrigation at home in the following way. He himself explained to us in the forum that we need:

You buy 1 meter of PVC pipe, one of those that plumbers use, which is worth 1.60 meters, it is cut into 10-centimeter tubes, and each tube is buried next to the trunk of the plant you want to water.
Next, a 2 liter bottle of Coca Cola, Fanta or whatever, and the bottom is cut round, a small hole is made in the cap with a lace and the inside is filled with cotton soaked in water, the stopper and put the stopper inside each tube, the bottle is filled with water and it falls drop by drop so that it takes a long time for the bottle to empty.
It is effective, cheap, and takes little work and no water is wasted.

And the result is:

As you read, the procedure is very simple and does not involve a huge investment of money. What’s more, it can be a good system, not only for irrigation, but also for making much better use of our resources and using soft drink and water bottles that can create so many problems due to their degradation in nature.

It can be a good irrigation system to create our garden on a roof or terrace since it does not require much material or space.

In case you need more information on how to do it at home, I post an explanatory video where you can see how it can be done:

Another application that we can give to the bottles is to protect the seedlings that we have in our garden, as Jose Manuel said:

It is done as a kind of greenhouse, when the plants are small, the bottle is taken, the bottom is cut and it is stuck in the ground, leaving the plant inside, then the irrigation water is poured through the cap, when we see that the plant It almost doesn’t fit in the bottle, we take it away and put a tutor on it.

Thank you again Jose Manuel for wanting to share his experience with and we look forward to your experiences. I remind you that to make inquiries you can write your comments


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