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When are melons harvested?

The appropriate time to enjoy the harvest of melons varies from one species to another. Yes, not everyone follows the same scheme. In all this, the climatic conditions, the land, the planting date, among others, also have a great influence.

If you have decided to have this delicious fruit in your garden, it is logical that you would be interested in knowing the right moment to enjoy its sweet and smooth flavor. So put aside any distractions and focus on these lines because in a couple of minutes we will tell you everything you need to know. Are you in?

When is the melon harvested?

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Since the melon is a fruit that is usually planted in early spring, the optimal time for harvesting will be from mid-summer to early fall.

The exact date will depend a lot on the time in which it was sown because a seedling crop does not prosper at the same time as one in the ground.

This must be clarified because there are people who advance their crops during the winter by germinating the seeds that they will use in the spring. And since the melon can also be sown directly in the ground because it grows very well, the harvest date will vary.

Now, what is worth paying attention to is the evolution times of the fruit, since it takes between 90 and 110 days to be ready.Another way to calculate is from the flowering date, taking between 30 and 45 days.

How to know if a melon is ripe?

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This is one of the biggest concerns when working with this crop because the melon is a fruit that will not improve its flavor when it is out of the plant. This means that to have a melon with the optimal amount of sugar, you have to wait until it reaches that point attached to the plant.

The good news is that there are some details that can inform that the right moment has arrived. These are:

  1. Rind: the outer part of the melon changes as it matures, going from a bright color to a duller tone. In addition, the characteristic markings on the fruit become more pronounced.
  2. Aroma: the ripe melon emits a characteristic aroma that makes more than one mouth water. Well, if yours already do that, it is possible that their harvest time has come.
  3. Peduncle: when the fruit is ripe, this area begins to wither and crack as a sign that the cycle is complete.

Take into account that all this does not work as a regimen that is always followed. Hence, it is important to know the crop and gather experience.

What is the melon harvest time?

The melon is harvested on days that are sunny, but at a time that is convenient so that the plant is not damaged. Preferably, it is better early in the morning, when the plant is already dry from the dew and on a day with a pleasant temperature.

How are melons harvested?

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Melons have to be harvested manually because it is a plant that grows at a creeping level, making it difficult to be supported by machinery. Being a heavy fruit, it must be cut from the connecting stem and then placed in an appropriate basket, box or bag so that they are in optimal conditions.

This shape limits the number of melons that can be harvested by a single person due to weight issues, which is why mechanized belts are sometimes used to transport them.

Planting melons is very common in home gardens due to the ease they offer and the production capacity. Being an ideal fruit for summer days, both because of its harvest date and because of its refreshing benefits, more and more people are opting for them.

Always take into account the correct dates to pick so that you can enjoy fruits with soft, sweet and delicious pulp. And if you have any doubts, you can always use the safest way, which is to pick one up and try it out before continuing with the rest.

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