Poinsettia and red leaves: how to get them

The time is approaching to give prominence to one of the quintessential plants of this time. We refer to enjoy in the Poinsettia of its red leaves. Some that take on a singular role with the approach of Christmas. A time of the year in which the Poinsettia is, without a doubt, the star plant. However, there is a common concern when it comes to her. We talked about how to put the red leaves on the Poinsettia. A common doubt among those who enjoy this plant; and see, how during the course of the year, its leaves turn green.

Although this color change may seem extraordinary to us, it is actually normal. To begin with, you have to understand the function that the red leaves have in the Poinsettia. What we think are just that are actually bracts. Unique leaves that have a well-defined purpose: to serve to protect flowering. Yes, bloom. Because, with proper care, we can see its small flowers emerge from among its unique leaves. Something that happens, precisely, in the month of December.

Understanding the weight that red leaves have in the Poinsettia, let us know how to ensure that the plant generates them. A care that we can apply when Christmas is over.


Before seeing in detail how to get the red leaves in the Poinsettia, you have to start from a premise. After Christmas, we will have to pay special attention to the care of the Poinsettia. Only then will our plant be in perfect condition when we decide to force that color change.

To do this, once Christmas is over, we will have to let it enter its vegetative rest. This does not mean that we forget about it. It only involves lowering the water pattern, reducing it to weekly irrigation and not too abundant. In addition, we will have to place it in a cool space free of heating. Excess heat can spoil the health of our plant.

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Pruning is also an important task to ensure that our Poinsettia has red leaves in the medium term. At the end of January, when it begins to drop its leaves, we will have to cut its branches leaving them 10 centimeters high. If our plant does not drop the leaves, we can do without this task.

With the arrival of spring, one of the fundamental moments arrives. Not only because it will be time to transplant it. A task that is not delicate in itself, but that we must do well. We refer to using a mixture of universal substrate, a part of humus and another of sand, for the new pot of our Poinsettia. A perfect balance between nutrients and drainage, which facilitate its growth. Thanks to this, to the natural lighting and to an average of 20 degrees, our plant will have a good development of leaves during the summer and the beginning of autumn.

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The season, autumn, in which we can start preparing our Poinsettia to have red leaves.


With our plant perfectly healthy and for the Poinsettia to have red leaves, we will have to start preparing it from the end of September. It will be then when we have to start depriving it of lighting. Or, rather, to submit it to daily sessions of darkness for between 12 and 14 hours.

And when we say darkness, we speak of the total absence of light. If we do not have a space at home where we can procure it, we will have to create it artificially. Either putting it inside a cardboard box provided with holes, or covering it completely with dark plastic. Whichever method we choose, it is important that we combine it with being away from any source of heat. Otherwise, we can dehydrate the plant.

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In addition to this, we will have to help our Poinsettia to have red leaves. We refer to using a specific fertilizer. One that enhances the coloration of the bracts, and that allows us to decorate the house with the Christmas Flower.

Dare to make your Poinsettia have red leaves next Christmas!

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