Preserved flower care

They are the perfect allies for lovers of decoration but also to perpetuate memories. And is that who does not dream of having perfect flowers from the first day and for a long time? A good reason for us to always seek to know how to preserve your bouquet of flowers. However, beware: despite having a longer life than the others, we cannot lose sight of the care of preserved flowers. Some that will make them a perennial complement to our house.

Far from what it may seem, the care of preserved flowers does not involve great difficulty. An extra attraction for some flowers that have the nickname of eternal although, really, they are not. It is true that, if we comply with their care rigorously, we can enjoy them for years. But it must also be clear that, beyond a certain time, they will begin to lose texture and color.

But nothing to be disappointed about that. The great virtue of preserved flowers is that they keep their beauty intact for between three and five years, depending on the variety. A more than interesting time that, calculator in hand, reinforces a detail: despite being more expensive than fresh florist flowers, in the long run they are more profitable. A compelling reason for us to consider enjoying its undaunted beauty.


As important as knowing the care of preserved flowers is knowing what they are exactly. And it is important to start with something that, although it may seem obvious, often generates doubts. Incredible as it may seem, preserved flowers are natural flowers. Something that is surprising due to its long life but also because of its color. That is, precisely, another of the virtues of the preserved flower: that it can be dyed.

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Another question that usually arises on a recurring basis is to confuse them with dried flowers. And, although appearances can mislead us, they have nothing to do with each other. If we let ourselves be carried away solely by appearance, there are two characteristics that differentiate them. The first is that the preserved flower maintains its original smell, something that does not happen with the dried flower. The second is that the dried flower loses the richness of its original texture in the drying process.

And it is precisely at this point that the preserved flower differs from the dried flower. The dried flower is dry because it is deprived of the water that is part of the stems, leaves and flowers. In the case of the preserved flower, the process is different. It is true that in the first place they have been dehydrated but, in the absence of water, their vegetable capillaries have been filled with glycerin: an element that facilitates the conservation of these plants in perfect condition. Only in this way is it possible that the flowers and leaves do not lose their aroma, color or shape.

In case you have any doubts, nothing like seeing the explanation of our colleague Yolanda. A quick way to understand, in just a few minutes, exactly how the process these flowers go through and their characteristics.


Now that we are clear about what they are, it is time to learn about the care of preserved flowers. Because, despite its extraordinary duration, there are certain tips that we must know so that they last as long as we expect. And not only that. Knowing how to take care of them will allow us to spend that time in perfect condition.

And far from what we might believe, they are not complicated at all. It is enough to know what the enemies of its duration can be.

1. Avoid sunlight, one of the key cares for preserved flowers for their maintenance

A fundamental aspect to be able to extend the life of our preserved flowers. Unlike outdoor plants or houseplants, freeze-dried flowers don’t do well in the sun. Let’s remember that its plant tissue has been filled with glycerin, so the sun is not only not necessary but can also be harmful.

And it is easy to understand the importance of the sun on preserved flowers. Its rays can speed up the drying process of the glycerin-based liquid that preserves them.

2. Do not keep in a humid environment, another important aspect

The other great enemy of our preserved flowers. Moisture can cause them to rot, so it is important to find a place as dry as possible.

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It is also not recommended to place them in a place with drafts, or near heat sources such as radiators or light sources.

3. Remove dust carefully, important to keep them

A detail that can be seen from an aesthetic point of view but that is really key in its conservation. Although these types of flowers do not need to photosynthesize, the dust can damage the structure of the petals and leaves.

And here comes the question: how to clean it? Simple: always using a duster or, failing that, a soft cloth.

4. Do not crush the petals or flowers

Another of the care of preserved flowers that we must take into account. As they do not have sap, this type of flower does not have the elasticity of natural flowers. Therefore, crushing petals or flowers can cause them to break.

5. Never put in water

Even if you think it’s a good idea to put your preserved flowers in a vase with water or consider that they need hydration, don’t even think about it! As with moisture, water can cause them to rot.

Simple and extremely easy to carry out, the care of preserved flowers will allow you to extend the life of yours even more.

And it is well worth making them even a little more eternal!

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