Protected Designation of Origin

Fruits and vegetables with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) is a quality regime that the European Union grants to protect agricultural and food products that have a differentiated quality.

These products must originate from a certain geographical area and where all the production phases of said product also correspond to the same area, since one of its main characteristics is the link between the place and the product, which generally bears its Name.

Regulation (CE) 1151/2012 on the Protected Designation of Origin

According to Regulation (EC) 1151/2012, names that describe a specific product that:

  • Be originally from a certain place, a region or, exceptionally, a country.
  • Its quality or characteristics are fundamentally or exclusively due to a particular geographical environment, with the natural and human factors inherent to it.
  • The production phases take place entirely in the defined geographical area.

With this mention, the quality, distinction of the product and the territory go hand in hand, which is why the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) seal also lets us know the geographical area, its production process in all its phases, and the often traditional know-how of all the people who work every day, so that these products reach our tables in perfect condition.

Fruits and vegetables with Protected Designations of Origin

  • Artichoke from Benicarló – Carxofa from Benicarló
  • Rice from Valencia – Rice from Valencia
  • Hazelnut from Reus
  • Saffron from La Mancha
  • Sources of Ebro onion
  • Jerte Cherry
  • Custard apple from the Tropical Coast of Granada-Málaga
  • Fesols of Santa Pau
  • Mollar pomegranate from Elche
  • Khaki Ribera del Xúquer
  • Pippin apple from Bierzo
  • Peach from Calanda
  • Nisperos Callosa d’en Sarria
  • Majorcan olive
  • Herbón Pement
  • Jumilla pear
  • Pear from Lleida
  • Murcia Paprika
  • Paprika
  • Gernika Pepper – Gernikako Piperra
  • Piquillo pepper from Lodosa
  • Bagged Table Grape from Vinalopó
  • Pears from Rincon del Soto
  • Rice from the Ebro Delta – Rice from the Delta de l’Ebre
  • Mongeta del Ganxet
  • Tigernut from Valencia
  • Calasparra Rice
  • Aloreña Olives from Malaga
  • Malaga raisins

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