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Who is not struck by beautiful, well-cared-for bamboo? There should be no person in the world who can resist them.

And it is that these plants, so wonderful, are ideal to fulfill ornamental functions because they create very well.

You just need a space with the conditions it demands and, of course, knowing the care you must have to keep it healthy.

One of the most important is subscription and in the next lines we will reveal all the aspects that are related to this topic and that you must handle yes or yes to be successful.

Why is it important to fertilize bamboos?

In the first place, the compost helps bamboo grow faster and more vigorously, proving why it is among the favorites of growers. It also helps the texture of the stems to be firm and of good proportions, making it easier for them to take advantage of various tasks.

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The subscriber gives strength to the bamboo when facing pests and diseases, since the latter prefer those plants that are weak. Finally, the subscriber improves the color of the stems and leaves, so that they always look green and beautiful.

How often should we pay the bamboos?

Bamboos can be paid weekly or fortnightly during the hot season, which is the time when the growth process is at its peak.

When autumn arrives, it is necessary to stop this process because it will allow the parts that are still tender to mature and be able to resist the cold of winter.

When the plant is growing, it focuses its energies on this process and it will be difficult for it to remain stable when temperatures drop. In case of using slow release fertilizers, it will not be necessary to apply so many cycles in a row because the plant will absorb what it needs in each case.

Therefore, it is very important to follow the instructions indicated by the manufacturer so that you avoid inconveniences.

What nutrients do bamboos need?

The most important nutrient that bamboo must have to develop a proper life is nitrogen (N). For this reason, it is sought that the applied fertilizers have a high content of this nutrient.

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Iron and potassium are also important so that it can carry out the production of chlorophyll and maintain that characteristic vibrant green color. It is best to use fertilizers that are balanced and contain a certain amount of micronutrients because that way they will have exactly what is necessary.

What kind of fertilizers do bamboos need?

Bamboos can be worked with fertilizers that you use for the lawn without problems, since it is a plant of the grass family as well.

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It is also possible to add organic matter that is commonly used in the home garden when you have it planted in the ground. In water it is not recommended. Special fertilizers for bamboos are ideal for this function because they contain all the necessary components for the plant to be healthy.

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These can be obtained in a liquid or granulated version to dilute in water and that you can add to the irrigation water or to the container where you have the water bamboos.

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Take into account that it is very important that the fertilizers you choose are organic and not synthetic, since the process of taking advantage of nutrients does not go well in this case.

How do we prepare compost for bamboos?

Bamboos are usually fertilized with liquid fertilizers that are usually mixed with water to apply through irrigation.This system makes it easier for the nutrient absorption process to be carried out more effectively.

Due to the proportions of nutrients with which each fertilizer is manufactured, it is important to respect the manufacturer’s recommendations.

In this way, you will avoid overfeeding your plant and the effects on its health will turn negative.

It ensures that at the time of applying the irrigation with the fertilizer it does not fall directly on the plant, but rather occupies its contour. This will prevent it from suffering burn damage by obtaining so much concentration of nitrogen in a single application.

In case you use homemade organic fertilizers, such as manure, guano or compost, you must ensure that it is very well decomposed. This action will reduce the level of nitrogen that it naturally possesses (for example, organic matter such as manure), but it will avoid problems due to the presence of microorganisms.

Take into account that these microorganisms can cause damage to plants, causing damage instead of benefits. Therefore, it is always advised that they go through the decomposition process long enough to minimize these risks.

How do we detect if the bamboos need fertilizer?

Chlorosis can manifest in almost any plant species and bamboo is no exception. Therefore, yellow leaves could give you a sign that the iron level is very low.If the bamboo is growing slowly and it seems to you that it has few stems, it is quite possible that it is due to a nitrogen deficit.

If you have applied fertilizations in the last few days and you notice that the bamboo also shows yellow, it is possible that the amount supplied has been excessive. To improve the health of bamboo, change the water where you have it established or transplant it so that it finds a slightly less stressed environment.

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Bamboo is, in general, one of the types of plants that can live without the use of fertilizers when all the environmental conditions are the most optimal for this. However, the cultivation practice has led professionals in the field to recommend that fertilizers be applied wisely to improve the conditions of the plant.

And manufacturers have done their homework on this issue by creating fertilizers that specifically target bamboo plants and are often balanced. So, if you have the plant, the fertilizer and this information, what else is left for you to put everything into practice to give them the best result?

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