Prune Bougainvillea: [Importance, Time, Considerations and Steps]

How beautiful do you find a bougainvillea when it is in bloom? Surely there are very few plants that generate that special visual impact.

Well, we tell you the secret to achieve that goal in your time: pruning.As you read it, the bougainvillea flourishes with the development of new structures and you will only get it if you eliminate everything old.

And if you don’t know very well how to do it, here we will give you step by step so you can do it like a great professional.

Why prune bougainvillea?

Bougainvillea are plants that grow incredibly fast and that allows them to recover from pruning in a short time, even if they are very deep.But the reality is that it is a species that only emits blooms on new branches, so it is mandatory to carry out this procedure to achieve a great result.

On the other hand, it is not exempt from conditions such as withered leaves or a dry branch that is better to remove.One last reason is to prevent complications in the area where you have it located , since it grows so much that it could block spaces.

When is it best to prune bougainvillea?

Bougainvillea pruning should be done in late winter or early spring, just before the flowering process begins. The reason not to do it in autumn, as with other species, is that it could get sick due to the large loss of sap it would have.

The pruning at the beginning of the year must be intense so that it responds to the requirements that the same species demands to prosper. Then, you have to give him the opportunity to recover in conditions that are pleasant for him.

What tools should we use to prune bougainvillea?

In order for everything to run properly, it is better to follow some security measures and use the appropriate tools.Gloves should be a priority part of your clothing and, if you have them, goggles to prevent any residue from affecting you.

Gardening shears are the main tool and are usually the only ones needed to advance this task.

What should we take into account when pruning bougainvillea?

The bougainvillea tree can develop a leafy and very bushy crown that will make it difficult to observe in detail all the work that it needs.

Therefore, the first step is to check it from an appropriate distance to determine in which areas there are branches that stick out badly .

Afterward, you can take a closer look to check the status of other parts.These actions will allow you to better plan the work to be executed.

Throughout this process, take into account the parts where the plant has climbed, as it can affect the work you want to do.

If you consider that some point is delicate to work on because it poses a risk (as occurs when a branch becomes entangled in an electrical cable), it is better that you ask for help and prevent this from happening again.

How to prune bougainvillea without damaging the plant?

The step by step to achieve a well pruned bougainvillea is as follows:

  1. Eliminate all the branches that are in an inconvenient position according to the space where you have the plant located. That is, those that stand out and that are causing you some discomfort, even if they are healthy.
  2. Cut off any parts that are wilted or in general poor condition . This also includes the branches that are farthest from the trunk and therefore look weaker.
  3. Select the branches that are least favorable to the plant and prune them directly from the trunk . Although it seems like a crazy action, in reality all this will grow very quickly so you should not worry. Just don’t exaggerate either.
  4. Remove all the suckers that have already appeared because you need the plant to focus its energies on creating a new structure, not on continuing the one it already had.
  5. Apply a light pruning on all the branches that have remained, even if it is only removing a part of the tips . This is essential to promote growth. No branch can remain unpruned. In fact, removing about 5 centimeters will be enough.

After this intense pruning, the bougainvillea will begin to grow with great speed to give you the flowering you are waiting for.

However, it is not the only thing you will have to do so that the results are maintained throughout the flowering period.

If you want it to continue at this rate, apply a couple of gentle prunings throughout the spring or summer to ensure lots more and more intensely colored blooms.

In the end, this should be the main objective when having a bougainvillea at home, because it is not only to admire its flowering but it will surely improve your mood a lot.

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