Prune Fig Trees: [Importance, Season, Tools, Considerations and Steps]

The fig tree is one of the most vigorous trees that exist, so pruning is part of its elementary care.

One of the main reasons for this is that its branches have a tendency to grow vertically, which implies greater height.

When it is in the productive stage, then the inconvenience of reaching the fruits is generated, becoming impossible in some cases. The good news is that you don’t have to take a course to learn how to prune fig trees.

Here we will give you all the information so that you can use it to your liking.

Why prune fig trees?

The need to prune fig trees responds to different scenarios, the first of which is related to controlling the height of the tree. The fig tree is characterized by the vertical growth of its branches, which means that they can reach up to 4 meters in height.

Controlling this growth is essential for the plant to be better structured and for you to have easier access to the fruits.

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Another reason is to ensure that all its own elements (branches, leaves, etc.) are in perfect health and, if not, eliminate them.

When is it better to carry out pruning of fig trees?

Pruning should be carried out between the end of winter and the beginning of spring, when the weather is more favorable.

The most important thing to choose the exact moment is that there are no longer risks of frost that can negatively impact the wounds.

What tools should we use when pruning fig trees?

The basic tool for pruning fig trees is long-handled garden shears.Thanks to it, it will be much easier to reach the extension of the branches and make the necessary cuts.

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Remember that they must be disinfected with alcohol before and after proceeding with the procedure. In the same way, check that they have a good edge so that the cuts can be made quickly and accurately.

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What considerations should we take into account when pruning fig trees?

Fig tree pruning can be carried out in three different phases, depending on the lifetime of the specimen: formation, production and rejuvenation.

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Therefore, the procedure to follow will depend directly on the type of pruning that you are going to carry out.

How to prune fig trees without damaging the tree?

The pruning of fig trees can be carried out according to three different procedures and we will see each of them below.

formation pruning

It is the one that is carried out when the tree is in full youth and develops throughout its first three years.

In the first year, the branch that will serve as the main trunk is established and the rest of the plant is removed.

During the second year you will establish the height you want your fig tree to be by cutting the trunk at that level. From this cut, the shoots that will serve as training branches will begin to grow.

For the third year, the branches must already have an appropriate length, so it will be necessary to apply a cut in the middle of their length. The ideal point to advance in this case is on a bud.

fruiting pruning

Fruiting pruning seeks to focus the tree’s energy on producing a greater number of fruits and with better characteristics.

Therefore, the idea is to clear it of all the parts that may be affecting this objective in some way.

Here you will need to remove the branches that are colliding, that intersect, those that are in poor condition and lighten the crown if necessary. In the fig tree it is common for buds or shoots to be born at the base of it.

These consume a lot of energy, so you have to remove them.

rejuvenation pruning

It is the pruning that is applied to trees that are already old and that have seen their productive capacity diminished by the passage of time. With this pruning what is sought, precisely, is to reactivate it in the task and achieve new productions.

Rejuvenation pruning tends to be a bit drastic and to ensure that the fig tree is able to recover, it is best not to apply it all at once.

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The previous pruning will include removing the branches that come out from the center of the tree and that are close together. These should be pruned flush with the trunk. After the buds start to appear, remove the excess and reduce the rest of the branches by half so that they regrow more strongly.

With good pruning and the subsequent application of a useful fertilizer, you will soon enjoy excellent quality figs. The best thing about this plant is that it can be established together with others to give your home garden a lot of variety.

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