Prune Kumquats: [Importance, Time, Tools, Considerations and Steps]

Fruit trees require a series of specific care to ensure that their production is of the best characteristics and pruning is one of them.

When pruning kumquat there are certain parameters that we must respect to ensure that the plant is able to recover normally .

Being a citrus, its pruning will be more or less similar to what we would apply with an orange or lemon tree. But if you don’t have the slightest idea of ​​what to do or want to confirm data, here is the precise information to advance in this task.

Why prune kumquat?

Kumquat pruning responds to a basic reason for increased production that is the main objective when planting a fruit tree in the garden. However, it can also be applied to reduce the amount of inoperative elements that usually appear in it or to improve its structure.

Citrus Kumquat – Citrus Fortunella Margarita – 130/150 cm

In the first case, pruning is supported because inoperative elements usually consume a large amount of energy without contributing anything to production. In the case of the structure, it is an absolutely aesthetic issue and this does not diminish its importance, especially if we want an impeccable garden.

When is it better to carry out pruning of kumquats?

The best season is early spring when there are no longer any risks of frost.

It is very important that the tree is still in the process of awakening from winter slumber so that the production of sap is not so abundant.

As the days go by, this will increase and will make it easier for the wounds to be sealed and the tree to recover progressively.

What tools should we use when pruning kumquats?

To prune the kumquat you will need to have two-handed gardening shears and a handsaw. The idea of ​​having both elements responds to the needs that may arise around the thickness of the branches. In general, a kumquat could be pruned only with the scissors, but it is better to be forewarned.

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Of course, as in all the moments in which you are going to administer a pruning, make sure that the tools are sharp and disinfected. Support yourself with gloves and glasses to avoid an accident.

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What considerations should we keep in mind when pruning kumquats?

Kumquat pruning is relatively easy to apply and has no major drawbacks beyond avoiding overcutting . However, planning is a primary task because it will allow you to move faster, safer and with clear ideas for the final result.

Oval Kumquat plant ‘Citrus Fortunella Margaridad’ – potted: Ø 22 cm – H 80/90 cm

Therefore, study your kumquat one or two days before pruning , from different angles, and assess which branches you will have to remove.

How to prune kumquats without damaging the tree?

If you have already decided to prune your kumquat, it is best that you follow the following recommendations:

  1. Check for suckers and remove them by applying a flush cut to the main branch. These tend to protrude between the trunk and a productive branch, are vertically oriented and vigorous. However, they do not bear fruit and, on the contrary, they do consume a lot of energy from the plant .
  2. Remove all branches that look weak, brittle, dry, or diseased. 
  3. Check the internal state of the crown to validate if there are branches that are facing the center and that make it become very bushy. These must be cut because they prevent the correct flow of air and light and can lead to certain diseases. Also, remove any branches that have grown and are bumping into each other. Here, keep in mind that you should not prune branches that are very thick because they work as support.
  4. Study the branches of the lowest part of the tree and cut those that could bend with the weight of the fruits causing them to hit the ground. In this case, it is better to get rid of all of them even if they are thick branches.
  5. Evaluate the rest of the branches that you have not touched in the previous points to see if they have the appropriate conditions . If you notice that they are unbalanced around their length and that the glass looks messy, you can apply small cuts where they are needed so that they all measure more or less the same. Ideally, a kumquat cup should be rounded, but don’t get too complicated with that.
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By pruning the kumquat following the instructions and taking care of safety details such as disinfecting the tools, you should have no problems. This work will greatly benefit the internal distribution of energy and nutrients, so the plant will look vigorous and with excellent production.

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