Pruning rose bushes: [Reasons, Time, Tools and Steps to follow]

Pruning rose bushes is a practice that allows them to look more full of life and increase their resistance .

However, its practice must be carried out under a certain number of recommendations to avoid negative results.

In this guide we are going to detail everything you need to know so that you have the most beautiful rose bushes in your entire area, so let’s get started.

Why should we prune rose bushes?

Pruning rose bushes is a practice that makes it easier for the plant to focus its energies in fewer areas and thus improve the overall visual appearance . This action contributes to obtaining more attractive flowers .

Correct pruning stimulates the health of the plant, since it helps the interior of it have access to sunlight and allows good air circulation.

And, although it may not seem like it, pruning at the right time will allow it to grow more quickly according to our objectives. In terms of health, pruning allows us to eliminate all those parts that are not in optimal condition and that affect and can make the plant sick.

When to prune rose bushes?

The preferred time to carry out this action is in spring , in the middle, when there are no longer any risks of frost.

It is also important to give the plant a chance to heal the wounds before the cold weather arrives.

Pruning should be completed in late summer , but only in order to remove wilted or dead parts of the plant .

However, around the age of the plant, a rose bush should only be pruned when it is over one year old and has given its first flowering . This is so that it can root well and is much stronger.

What should we take into account before doing it?

The first thing we must take into account is that an annual pruning is more than enough.

The type of cut is also a matter of care because it must be done with some degree of inclination to prevent irrigation water from accumulating in the wound.

What tools do we need to prune rose bushes?

To prune a rose bush, the correct tools must be used so that the cuts can be made quickly and are clean .

Scissors are our best support and there are those intended for thin branches and those that work best with thick branches.

You should always be aware that they are well sharpened to ensure that the cut is made after a single pressure and not having to pull.

In addition to that, we must make sure that they are well disinfected, especially if they are also used for other plants . This process should be executed, both at the time of completing a previous job, and to start a new one.

How to prune a rose bush step by step?

Knowing the correct process to prune rose bushes is something that will prevent us from losing the beauty of this shrub and will prevent her from suffering.

An action that becomes very common around this matter and that has nothing to do with the pruning process itself, is the extraction of flowers .

This process is simple and will only consist of removing the stem that joins the flower with the rest of the plant , so that the complete piece is obtained.

This action is carried out for the purpose of selling flowers or making internal arrangements for home decoration . Now, in the case of pruning as such, we will proceed as follows:

  1. Disinfect the scissors and ensure that they have a proper edge, as mentioned above.
  2. Remove all parts of the plant that look bad, such as wilted leaves or inappropriate colors.
  3. cut out all the hickeys. These are small bumps that usually appear at different points on a stem, but are not part of the strong structure of the plant.
  4. From the strong branches of the plant, about 5 buds should be counted and cut afterwards. This action will ensure that they do not grow too many more and that you can focus the energy in certain areas.
  5. When the branches are very young, point 4 will not be treated with 5 buds but up to 3.
  6. Ideally afterwards, apply some scar tissue to help them recover more quickly.

It is important to note that each type of rose bush has its own considerations regarding the pruning system to be applied. For example, climbing roses need to be worked on pruning from their youth to prevent them from covering unauthorized areas.

Also, when the rose bushes are old, the best idea is only to prune to remove the affected parts and not as a strategy for flowering. There are many species that necessarily need pruning and rose bushes are one of them, so we must do it very well.

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