[10 Vegetables] That You Can Sow in your Garden in Spring

In this article we make a list of the vegetables that we can grow in Spring.

Regardless of the area or hemisphere to which you belong, you can apply it. Since Spring is similar everywhere, right?

What can we sow in Spring?

Spring is the ideal time to plant many types of vegetables because it is neither too cold nor too hot.

This allows orchards to flourish with thousands of colors and species that we will have the opportunity to consume fresh in a short time.

So if you are ready to know what vegetables to plant in spring, let’s do it!


For lovers of this vegetable, it is just in spring that they will find the ideal time to make it flourish.

Since it likes a temperature around 20º C it will be possible to keep it happy and lush at this time.

It is important to choose a terrain that offers comfort to develop, ensuring that it maintains good drainage.

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It is a species that likes a temperature that is neither too cold nor too hot, so it is usually sown between March and April.

It is a species that likes a lot of space, a reason that forces growers to give it enough, especially at the level of the roots.

As it likes water but not in excess, it is necessary that the land has good drainage and that it has a lot of organic matter.

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They are the queens of spring as it is common to see them in orchards at this time, starting their sowing in the months of March to May.

However, as it takes about 3 months to harvest, it usually takes some early summer, which makes a good irrigation plan necessary.

It needs a soil that is rich in nutrients and that can drain water well to prevent root rot.

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It is a vegetable that has a short duration for the entire harvest process, so it is worth buying time.

Its appropriate time is in the months of March and April, the other ideal time being in July.

It loves that the soil is very loose, which will force it to be stirred vigorously before proceeding to sow.

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One of the species that resists planting throughout the year is cauliflower, but since it needs a good amount of sunlight, spring is ideal.

The soil needs a good amount of nutrients and to have a neutral pH, it will also be essential to pay while it is growing.

As for irrigation, it will be necessary to apply a good amount as soon as it is sown and then reduce it according to the climatic state that it has.

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Coriander is a characteristic herb that has incredible flavor and smell properties for international gastronomy. For many it may be an acquired taste, while for other societies it is an essential seasoning for local gastronomy.

And although the saying quotes » coriander is good but not so much» we declare ourselves passionate about this herb and its many uses.

Also known as coriander and Chinese parsley, it had its origins in southeastern Europe and North Africa but its popularity quickly spread throughout the world due to its strong flavor and aromatic power, becoming for example a very typical element of food Latin American natives.

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Although it is a plant that thrives throughout the year, spring is the one that offers the best conditions, so it tends to grow faster.

This is often planted in pots because it does not grow much and is very useful indoors for the kitchen.

It is important to know that it needs humidity but not excessive, so the use of drip or atomizer is ideal.


Spring is the ideal season to plant turnips and for them to thrive properly.

Its exposure to the sun should be enough to cover a few hours a day, keeping it in the shade afterwards.

It likes acid soils with good drainage, although in general the recommended irrigation system is by drip to avoid puddles.

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When winter is over, the potatoes are ready for planting, the most opportune time being the days when spring begins.

You have to know that potatoes need the soil to be in very good conditions in order to prosper.

For this reason, it should be prepared up to 6 months before planting so that it feels much more comfortable.

When spring is just around the corner, it is necessary to start arming yourself with clothing to plant good vegetables like these.

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Tomatoes are one of the most famous vegetables or fruits in the world.

Tremendously consumed, its cultivation is simple and grateful. Of course, the tomato needs a good temperature, without excessive heat. Abundant water, but without flooding the land.

The more hours of light it receives, the more the plant will grow.

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We can plant onions throughout the year. Onions are a type of root vegetable that withstand low temperatures well, so we can prepare their crop practically all year round if we live in a temperate climate.

In this article we are going to deal specifically with the cultivation of white onions, one of the most common types of onions.

You will see that it is not difficult at all and we encourage you to try doing it in your own urban or home garden.

In addition to this, onions are widely used in most gastronomic cultures.

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