Salvinia auriculata, accordion shaped aquatic plant

Salvinia auriculata also known as Elephant Ear, Mouse Ear, Water Ear, Butterfly Fern or Accordion . It belongs to the Salviniaceae family. Being native to the entire Caribbean area and tropical America.

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Characteristics of the Salvinia auriculata

Accordion-shaped floating aquatic plant that grows horizontally, which can measure up to 10 cm long and 3 cm wide.

The leaves are rounded, with a velvety appearance due to the hairs they have to keep moisture on them.

Pale to frank green in color, but sometimes with purple hues that are arranged in pairs on the branched stems that form colonies.

Salvinia auriculata care

It is a species that is used in aquariums as a refuge for eggs and small fish. Even fish usually feed between the roots of the plant.

In nature it grows in waters rich in detritus.

Moderately accurate light, but not closely lit, as it can be damaged over time.

It requires warm conditions with a minimum of 10˚C.

The water should be soft with a wide pH range of 5 to 9.

It does not require substrate, since it is floating and acquires the nutrients from the water.

It does not need pruning, just remove the yellow parts.

It is propagated by division of the plant. For it to develop quickly, it would have to have the necessary nutrients and light.

As for the problems it may have, it is that by not containing the ideal nutrients, its leaves can turn pale.

It is a plant with very few requirements that would be worth having at home. So if you have a tank or an aquarium, don’t wait any longer to buy it.

Now that if you already have this copy, do not hesitate to give us a few tips so that it always looks healthy and glowing.

Just keep in mind that it can spread too much, so it could be considered invasive if the necessary measures are not taken. Therefore, always keep it under supervision.

Images courtesy of: Nicola Prisco , Tifin bogdan ,

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