Tips for decorating with Caladium varieties

It is one of those simply irresistible plants, both for its shape and for its tones. The different varieties of Caladium according to their colors offer a true natural spectacle that can be a true ally in our decoration. Beyond its unique size, the range of shades of this incredible tropical plant can be the perfect accent to decorate any space with nature. And not only that: due to its ornamental character, the mere presence of this plant can be that original and unique touch that we are looking for.

Beyond its decorative possibilities, it is essential to know in depth the care of the Caladium before choosing to include it among our indoor plants. Let’s not fool ourselves: it is not the right plant for the inexperienced because its beauty is proportional to the difficulty of its needs. It is a demanding plant in certain aspects, so we must be convinced that we can offer it what it needs so as not to get frustrated in its cultivation. Only then will it be able to unfold its attractive heart-shaped leaves and, what is even more striking, its vibrant hues.

Bearing this in mind, it never hurts to have ideas to know how to decorate with the different varieties of Caladium. A way to get even more out of a plant that leaves no one indifferent.


Let’s start with something in mind. Popularly in the Brazil where it originates, the caladium is known by the nickname of «painter’s palette». A nickname that honors, precisely, the incredible color offered by the different varieties of Caladium. The range of tones is such that, at times, it can be difficult to identify it. The fundamental clues so as not to fall into doubt, in addition to the shape of its leaves, are clear: leaves with very marked nerves, of a good size and, above all, with an intense hue.

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As a good ornamental plant and with proper care, the Caladium can have an extremely interesting appearance. Cultivated under its demands, it manages to reach half a meter in height. Something that we must contemplate for several reasons. On the one hand, so that all those tips on how to decorate the house with plants have the effect we are looking for. On the other hand, so that we can find a suitable location that will also work for when our plant begins to grow.

But just as important as taking these two considerations into account is contemplating some tips for decorating with the different varieties of Caladium. Some that will allow us to play with their range of tones depending on the style of our house. And, what is more important, get it right when it comes to creating a dynamic and balanced set. Let’s discover some proposals to achieve it!

1. Red and pink Caladium, two of the favorite Caladium varieties of modern or bohemian homes

They are probably the two most popular shades of Caladium. In any of these colors, the caladium has even more presence due to the striking and intense of its leaves. For this reason, both shades are ideal for modern homes in the case of red; and, in the case of pink, for those who opt for a more subtle, romantic or bohemian decorative style.

Since it is a plant with a lot of personality and highly visible in any space, the ideal is to place it alone so that it shines even more. If you want to associate it with other plants to create a humid atmosphere, the ideal is to opt for smaller green plants. Thanks to this combination, we will achieve a set of volumes and tones in which our Caladium stands out above everything else.

2. Caladium green, a perfect option for Nordic and minimalist styles

When we talk about the varieties of Caladium according to their color, an important point must be made. None of these plants have a single tone, but rather their leaves are a combination of two. Something that is especially noticeable in the case of the green Caladium that usually presents either nerves or spots in other shades such as pink.

Due to the color arrangement, the green Caladium is ideal for spaces with a Nordic or minimalist inspiration in which neutral tones are the protagonists of the place. It will be in this type of environment where the caladium of this tone stands out from the rest of the set, as long as we have it without other plants around it. We can also play to give it even more prominence by playing with decorative metal or ceramic pot covers in white tones.

3. Caladium white, the ideal style for rustic and natural homes

One of the most elegant Caladium varieties that exist. Its main peculiarity is that its whitish leaves highlight the nerves that, things of nature, are characterized by their intense colors. A contrast that seems to be designed for rustic or natural-inspired environments that seek extremely subtle touches in their decoration with plants.

For those who opt for these tones, the ideal is to combine the white Caladium with both green plants and others marked by verticality, such as the compact drácena. And, when it comes to pot covers, there is nothing like opting for wicker, rope or even sackcloth.

Which of these Caladium varieties fits best with the design of your house? Tell us!

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