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How to save seeds?

Did you know that seeds have a certain germination capacity depending on the plant species in question?They lose this ability as time goes by. However, when properly stored, they can give good results years later.

Although each plant has a different work methodology regarding its seeds, here we will give you the elementary notions that you need to know. Based on this, you will be able to implement the most optimal strategy to succeed in this task. Shall we begin?

What conditions must exist to conserve seeds?

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Before moving on to the preservation conditions as such, it is necessary to warn you that there are prerequisites that will help this process to be positive. The first thing is that the seeds must come from a plant that is healthy, with vigorous growth and that has shown good resistance in its development.

In the case of flowering plants, it must be ensured that it is a specimen that produces good blooms, taking into consideration both their quantity and quality. For plants that are fruit-bearing, a similar case occurs. It is better to choose those specimens that gave abundant and quality harvests.

It is also important to allow the seed to complete its complete cycle in the plant so that it has a better chance of germinating successfully. Here the fact that the fruits have ripened naturally on the plant itself and that the flowers have opened and shown their splendor is counted.

How long can the seeds be kept?

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The conservation time of a seed will be in direct agreement with the species in question, and can range from a few months to years. If the storage conditions are appropriate, it is unlikely that problems related to the appearance of fungi or rot will arise.

The biggest problem is that the seeds can lose the ability to germinate or, failing that, do so much more slowly than usual.

How to dry the seeds for planting?

The seeds that you collect from your own fruits can be dried at home without the need for a very complex procedure. The idea is that you first wash them to remove all the remains that could be attached to the fruit, the flower or the environment in general.

Then, you will put them to dry on a cloth, arranging them so that they are not together and leaving them in a warm space where air flows.Depending on the type of seed, this drying process can take between a few days and a few weeks, so you should check the specific species.

How to save seeds for a long time?

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For the seeds to remain healthy and viable for a long time, they need to be clean and with a minimum level of humidity. In most cases, moisture is the trigger that seeds need to start germinating, so you have to be aware of this.

But the biggest problem is that an environment full of high humidity can give rise to fungi that end the useful life of the seed. Another important point has to do with lighting, since storage must be done in a dark space because light also promotes germination.

Regarding the quality of the seeds, it is better to store only those that are in optimal condition. That is: without malformations, wrinkled, etc. Take into account that any seeds that you are going to store have to identify them with the date that you are saving them.

In this way, you can have security when proceeding to planting.

Where can the seeds be stored?

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This question can be answered in two ways: the first is taking into account the container and the second is based on the place. The appropriate containers for this task are glass containers with lids, never plastic.

These also have to be filled with a little cotton to help absorb any moisture that exists. On the other hand, the bags must be made of paper.As for the place, the ideal is that it be a dark space, without humidity and that it be fresh.

Avoid excessively hot places because most seeds thrive in hot times of the year. In summary, the seed conservation process begins from the moment you select the most suitable ones to achieve the objective.

In all of this, following the recommendations given here is key because it will help to have a long-lasting seed bank. Even so, it is important that you remember that not all of them have the same behavior, so check the species with which you will work first.

And, above all, avoid having them stored for many years because the passage of time reduces the germinative capacities that they naturally have.

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