Sedum album or cana grape care

Sedum album  also known Grape cana, Sedun, Vermicularia, Bread of cuckoo, Bread of bird, Grape of bird, Grape of dog, Crespinilla or grape of cat . It belongs to the Crassulaceae family, which is made up of more than 350 species of succulent plants. It is native to Asia, Europe, and North Africa.

Sedum album characteristics

It is a crassulacea that behaves like a lively creeper . It grows to about 20 cm tall.

The leaves are alternate, sessile, oblong-lanceolate, fleshy, circular in section, with a short spur, green in color that can turn reddish in winter.

The flowers are small, white, actinomorphic, hermaphrodite, subsentate and pentameric. They bloom in the summer.

Caring for the Sedum album

It is an ornamental plant  that is used in rockeries, borders, pots, planters and as covers.

Slow growing  that does not require special care, being a very resistant specimen.

It requires being in semi-shade or direct sun. It resists the frosts and the high temperatures of the Mediterranean summer very well.

As for the soil, it grows in any type, but prefers those that are not very rich and if well drained.

For transplantation, it will need to be placed in the garden or moved to a spacious pot in the spring when the frosts have passed.

Watering should be moderate so as not to flood and damage the plant. Just watering in spring and summer will suffice, as long as the soil dries completely.

The compost should be a little compost at the beginning of spring.

It does not require pruning, but branches and stems that are withered after flowering can be removed.

It does not present problems with pests or diseases, as long as it is not overwatered.

It is propagated by means of seeds, or by stem cuttings (from spring to summer).

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