Step on the onions

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When are onions crushed?

The process of planting and harvesting onions needs a fundamental action to make the onion grow more. This action is known as the stepping that is carried out on the green part that stands out on the surface of the earth.

Of course, it is a task that you must carry out at the right time to avoid damaging the crop by doing it before or after the appropriate time. And so that you have no doubts, we will be talking about this topic today, are you interested?

What is crushing onions?

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The onion stomping technique consists of bending the green part of the plants in a way that cuts off the flow of energy to the top.This will allow all the resources to be concentrated in the onion itself, which is growing underground, thus helping to obtain a fruit of greater quality and size.

Of course, it is not about stepping on them with your feet as the word itself refers to, but doing it delicately so as not to damage the fruit underground. This process must be carried out at a specific time in the onion cycle so that it does not affect the formation of the bulb.

When are onions crushed?

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The onions are trodden between June 20 and 25, when the summer period begins.In some locations with an agricultural and Catholic culture, this date coincides with the celebration of Saint John’s Day, taking it as a reference to carry out this task.

However, what matters here is to count the correct time from the moment the plant was sown.

Why is it advisable to step on onions?

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The main idea is to prevent the plant from flowering so that it does not spend energy and nutritional resources on them, but concentrates them on the growth of the fruit. For plants, the reproductive process is very important and, in this case, onions spend a lot of effort on their flowers because they are the ones that will give the seeds.

If the flower is born or the onions are removed from the ground before their time, there will be problems in their growth and, in some cases, in the taste. This situation is due to changes in weather and day length that occur at this time, so that the days get shorter and it is like a signal to the onion that the cycle has ended.

And the final stage that she shows is flowering, at which time she emits the seeds to start a new crop in the next period. There may be growers who do not agree with this process or who have experienced a good result without applying it.

However, it is a logical process that seeks to ensure that the crops are of much better quality, so it is better that you do not take risks. Consider within your sowing schedule the appropriate day to stomp your onions and wait because you will surely harvest large, high-quality bulbs.

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